Chapter 2

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I look out the bus window and find a black van on the side of the bus. Its windows were all tinted and it looked a bit suspicious; it's not every day that you find a van looking like that unless its in the movies. It turned away as the light turned green.

"So, aside from meeting that girl, what did you do today?" Avery says as he looks through his bag.

"Not too much. Made some orange chicken with Charity, Luke, and Anne in fifth hour, and had a pretty easy day in my earlier hours. You?" I say to Avery as I continued looking out the window.

"I've got some math homework, but I finished most of it in class." Avery says pulling out his textbook to finish his remaining problems.

"Well that's good. It looks like we'll be going in a minute."

"Yeah, but I can probably finish a problem or two. I'd rather not do too much when I get home." He says as he solves for his problems.

The bus turns and stops at our bus stop. "Well, I'll be seeing you later. Have a good weekend." I tell him as I grab my bag.

"You too." He says, putting his stuff away and exits the bus.

I walk down the sidewalk to my home, which isn't too far from the bus stop. It takes a few minutes to get from my house to the bus stop and vice versa.

I get to my front door and use my house key to unlock it. I enter the house and find that no one was home yet, so I head up the stairs, to my room, and place my bag in my room. I walked around the house for a little, then decided to go to the garage to check on my car.

I walk down the stairs and enter the garage to find my '69 Chevy Camaro waiting for me. I put on some new wheels for it last weekend and washed it as well. It's a black color with an updated stereo system, a Z28 engine to give it that extra bit of muscle. I love this car.

I decide to open the driver's side door and sit on the black leather seat. I recline my seat back a bit and doze off into a nap.


"Chris...." A voice tries to communicate with me.

"Who's there?" I answer with a bit of confusion.

"You don't know me, but I wanted you to know that he's looking for you." The voice continues with a bit of worry in it.

"Who's looking for me?" I asked the voice. No response. "If you want to help me you've go to tell me who!"

The voice remains silent for awhile, but eventually answers. "You need to get somewhere safe."

"From what?!" I ask it with frustration reaching into my tone.

The voice falls back to silence again. This time, it doesn't return.


I wake up in my car. I check my watch for time. 7:30pm. That was a long nap. I get out of the driver's seat, close the door, and lock it up for the night.

I exit the garage to smell food being cooked. "What's for dinner?" I ask, projecting my voice.

"Looks like someone took a nap in their car again." My dad says with a slight chuckle. "It's going to be baked potato soup."

My dad's thirty-eight years old, but still looks like he's about ten years younger. He has short brown hair and a bit of a beard going on, with eyes that are a light brown. He used to drink a lot, which would cause some problems within our family, but he's good now and hasn't touched a drop of alcohol in six years. He's a good man and has become quite the role model for me; same goes for my mom. He's also a great cook!

"Sounds good to me!" I tell him as I head up the stairs.

I head up to my room and lay in the bed. I relax a bit, untilI remembered that I had Anne's number. I pull out my phone and text her.

"Hey. It's Chris." I typed into my keyboard and send it to her phone.

I sit up on my bed and I decided to go check on my little brother, Justin. I go out to my loft and I find him playing some Call of Duty with his headset on.

I go over to him, pull off his headset, and say to him, "What's up? Saving the world with your friends?"

Justin has small green eyes with blonde hair. He's eight years old. He's a really sweet kid, has a good head on his shoulders, and looks up to me. I'm not so sure why he does, but it inspires me to always do the right thing.

"Yeah!" He says with a smile in his face. "We're making sure that terrorists don't control the world!"

"Haha, well I'm glad they sent you in; you're the best little soldier in the world."

"I sure am! Can you give me back my mic? My friends from school don't know how to play and might need my help." He asks politely.

"Sure thing, Justin." I reply as I place his headset back on his head.

"Thanks, Chris!" He says as he continues to play his game.

I hear my phone ring and assume it is Anne. I grab my phone out of my pocket and see that my thoughts were correct. The text read; "Hey, Chris! (: I was beginning to think you wouldn't text me today!"

I type in, "Haha, why wouldn't I text you today? So, how are you tonight?", and send it her way.

My mom calls out from downstairs, "Boys; time for dinner!"

My mom's forty years old, but looks like she's still twenty-two. She has hazel eyes, with shoulder length blonde hair. She's always there for Justin and I whenever we're feeling down, and she's really cool; my friends always say how great she is!

Justin tells his friends that he has to go eat and turns his game off, and I decide to follow him down the stairs.

We eat our soup, enjoying the time we spend eating together as a family. It was pretty good, even if we do this just about every night; I just like being with my family. It's hard sometimes to get everyone together because of work and school, but this is the only time of the day we are always together. It's a nice feeling.

After finishing the soup, and doing dishes, I check my phone again and see that Anne has replied to my text. She said, "Idk. x) Hehe, I'm good; you? (:"

I type to her, "Pretty good as well. Just finished eating with the family. What're you up to?", and send her the message.

We continue our conversation over text up until 11:46pm, where we both decided it was time to get some sleep. We say out good nights to each other and the texts stop there.

I close my bedroom door, turn off my light, and lay on my cozy queen sized bed and wrap myself in my comforter. I think to myself about how my day went and how my date with Anne my go tomorrow. With these thoughts in mind, I slowly drift into sleep.


"Chris, you must not let him find you." A voice says to me. It sounds similar to the previous voice I heard from my nap; echoey, deep, and loud. I make the assumption that it's the same voice.

"Who?!" I respond to the voice with annoyance.

"When he finds you, he will never lose track of you. You must hide where he may never find you, and fast!"

"I won't do anything until I know what's going on." I tell the voice with anger creeping in my words.

The voice continues to speak to me, "If you're found; you'll be at his mercy. He must not find you, Chris Walker. You must stay hidden."

I grow increasingly frustrated with the voice for not being able to give me a straight answer. "Tell me who and what am I supposed to be hiding from!"

The voice speaks to me, "I am a friend, Chris. Trust me and I will do whatever I can to ensure your safety, but I need you to hide from him."

"Who am I hiding from? Who are you?!" I question the voice with frustration.

"You'll know in time, Chris. We will meet soon, but until then, you must remain somewhere safe from him; somewhere as far from you are now as possible. Good bye." And the voice fades away.

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