Ch. 9

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i was very upset but painent, because life can do terrible things.

i put rose on raven, R.I.P jessie.

i walk away....

at underworld, everyone ask where jessie?

i going to say for one time, jessie is not make it.

we had to move on, i know it sad.

i saw hades, he pouring poison at tree!

i ran up to him, suddendly he throw spear, it unexpected...

it lodged into my left lungs.

suddendly, i blurred out and saw black shadow wityh metal on it rushing to hades.

-jessie's P.O.V-


everyone cheered, i soaring around hades.

i using very STEEL RAVEN ARMOR.

i sharpen my metal claws, i swooped hades and throw him into rocks.

i am aiming for hades,

suddendly enegry rushing around me.

i close my eyes and open eyes with BOLD RED RUBY SHADE OF MY EYES!

i spread my wings, WINGS GOT SHARP EDGES!

i open my beak and SCREAM!

suddendly blue sound rushing out my beak, it VERY LOUD!

hades were screaming and melt away.....

everyone is covering their ears. 

Blackstar shout, that how you surpass the god!

I chuckled, it hilirous.

I walked and transform back to myself, I bent myself and look at kid then underworld tree and moon, LOVE IS POWERFUL!

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