Chapter 1

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Kathrin's p.o.v

*Beep Beep Beep *

I grown slapping the alarm off.

"Wake up sweetie " My mom said knocking on my door

I rolled out of need and into my bathroom. First day of school
Yep I'm a freshman or known as fresh meat.

I turned on the water to warm-ish hot, stripped to nothing and got in

The warm water running down my back mad me feel so relaxed nothing could break this feeling

"come on hun, your going to be late for school "

Maybe that could break the felling. Goodbye my beautiful shower and incredible feelings.

I sighed and got out. I walked into my closet and looked around. What to wear, what to wear. This is one of the most hardest decision I have to make every day

instead of waisting more time I settled with something simple. my dark blue jeans with my red and white shirt

I walked downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a begal

" you want a ride to school " my mom asked

" no thank you I'll walk "

I said throwing on my red converse and running out the door

"Bye mom"

I slammed the door and started walking


When I arrived at the school I noticed that this school is huge

" Attention all freshmen students please report to the gym all freshmen report to the gym"

The lady on the intercom announced. There was teachers in the hall way who led us to the incredibly huge gym

All right Kathrin you don't want friends or enemies. Stick to your 2 rules and you'll be fine

Rule # 1: Make no eye contact what so ever

I put my head down and glued my eyes to the floor. As I entered the gym I heard people yelling and talking. I didn't pay it no mind I just sat down on the nearest bleacher.

Since everyone liked the top, the first three rows was empty so I sat alone

"Hey what's up "

So I thought... The person voice was soft but deep. It was so mesmerizing, stay focused Kathrin follow the rules

Ok rule #2: Don't talk to anyone not even to answer a simple question

"Good morning my freshmen students, I'm so happy your here today"

A lady said very loudly and professionally. she stood at least 5'5, she was wearing a navy blue shirt and skirt. She was talking about rules and of course I wasn't listening

"Pretty boring right "

His voice makes me melt, but I can't let my guard down especially not to some boy I don't even know

" Ok I'm Derek and you are "

He spoke once again I just kept my mouth shut. I didn't speak at all

" I'm going to keep talking so either you respond or be annoyed by me"

Wow.... This kid really won't give up

"I'm going to call some names and you will line up by the door" the lady announced, she went on and on with the names

"Kathrin Brown "

I got up and walked to the line finally getting away from Derek .

" Derek Reid "

Oh no, now we are in the same class can my life get any worse!!

~~~~~~~~• End of the day •~~~~~~~~~

The last class I had was gym, which was kind of fun. My day was good beside the fact Derek was in all my classes. He also sat next to me in every class, he was more as sweet than annoying to me. At the moment we were playing douge ball, my most hated game. I was on the wall as well as some other people I hope I'm safe

"Alright play ball"

The teacher said blowing her whistle loud an clear. Soon enough the balls came flying at me

"Wait... No.... Stop.... I'm very fragile..."

I tried to get them to stop but they didn't. As I was on the floor covering myself a shadow toward over me

" Hey she said stop so stop she is hurting right now"

His voice was so powerful and loud that everyone stopped

"Thank you ". I said nervously

My head was still down of course, the bell then ringed and on my way to get my stuff I tripped over a ball. I'm so stupid how in the world do I trip over a ball when I'm looking at the ground? I prepared myself to give the cold floor a hug but it never came

" You ok" I opened my eyes to meet Derek's. His eyes was a beautiful blue-ish gray, they looked right through me

"Hello you there, I need you to be alive "

"Umm.... yea I'm still here and thank you "

' You just broke rule #1 and 2 you idiot ' I said to myself

I got my stuff and walked out the gym and to the beautiful sunny out doors

"Hey wait up, slow down girl "

I stopped and waited for him to catch up since he was running towards me

" What's your name again baby girl" He said finally catching up to me and with a smile I said

" My name is Kathrin"

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