Chapter 11: Hare-brained, Loud, Irritating... Ring A Bell?

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Chapter 11: Hare-brained, Loud, Irritating... Ring A Bell?

Packing seemed harder this time around. I was starting to feel anxious and this feeling in the pit of my stomach won't go away. It was like something I knew I wouldn't like would happen.

Katherine, you're thinking too much in this. I scold myself.

My eyes dart to my still empty suitcase and sigh. I only had three days left before we left to the promised land of Amsterdam. I checked my bag for my plane ticket-which Eric upgraded all of us to first class-, my passport, money, I.D.'s just in case, and a packet of gums.

"You aren't packed yet? This is so unlike you. Usually you're packed a week before we leave." Collin mused as they barge in my room.

"Obviously not. I don't know what to pack!" I cry in despair.

My brothers looked at me like I grew another head. "Katherine, you just pack some jeans, maybe a few skirts or dresses, shirts, shoes, then your underwear. You know, essentials?" Cole started to hunt in my closet, occasionally throwing items of clothing on the floor.

I frown but made no move to stop him. "I hope you don't make me look like a nun." I call out. I opened my drawer of underwear and threw some into the suitcase.

Some people wouldn't trust their brothers to pick their clothing. Boyfriends? Sure, they're fine and you're safe. But if you had the kind of brothers who go all club bouncer on you around boys, you expect them to pick clothing that will cover you head to toe.

So imagine the look I had on my face when Cole, Collin and Connor laid out the outfits they had chosen after they raided my closet. If I was the one who picked, I would certainly choose what they did too. They had great taste, I am not doubting my brother's fashion sense again.

I studied the clothes I was folding and raised my eyebrows. "You know, if you guys knew how to do make up and stuff, I probably don't need to ask for Ella to doll me up when I needed."

Cole grunted, "Do you think we'd make you look hot for a date? We're still your brothers, Katherine."

"Plus, we hang around a lot of chicks, we pick up some styles and ideas of how your kind dresses up." Connor said matter-of-factly.

I rolled my eyes and snorted, "I am far from those bleach blonde bimbos you lay. They barely wear clothing and leaves nothing to the imagination."

"That's who they really are, we can't, and won't, stop them if they want to display the merchandise." Cole grinned.

I made a gagging sound and shuddered. No matter how I love my brothers, I still cannot deal with the fact that in all of this part in California, they are practically labelled as 'gods'. It was acceptable in high school but when it continued after they graduated college, it seemed to sicken me. I always just thought it was they were still in the market.

What about Eric?

He's a very good looking guy. A complete gentleman, sweet, undeniably rich, and a family man. He's fun to talk with, lets me drive his cars, dedicated to his work and very smart. He might even be a chick magnet. Although I know we were together now, and that meant he wasn't available, girls would still flock to him right?

Not that I was doubting his faithfulness, it was just one of those questions I am sure passes in every girls mind, especially if you had a guy like Eric.

"How are things going with you and Eric?" asked Cole after awhile I was done packing. I zipped up the suitcase and and shrugged.

"We're fine. Why'd you ask?"

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