Living without you.

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Once their was a couple and he girl had a slowly dyeing heart...

One month later she started to have chest pains so they got to the hospital and the boy told her he lover her kissed her and huger her for the last time. Her mom asked the doctor who the heart donner was he told her it was a boy around her daughters age.... After the surgery the girl woke up 2 days later... When she did she saw her mom crying at the end of The bed along with her father... She asked were her boyfriend was her mom just looked at her and started to cry again but harder... She asked again but this time with worry In her voice... Her mom handed her a note on it said " I don't even know how to start this off well hi I'm your heart donner, I know you and you know me and I love you I couldn't stand by and watch you die so that's why I did this for you coz I wanted you to live a long and happy life. So now you have a pice of me all the time with you I know It might be hard but you need to try to live with out me and just to let you no I love you with all my heart and I never wanted to say this to you but looks like I have to... This is why I'm not in the room with you... Love your boy friend.


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