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Julian P.O.V.

I'm jumping out my skin with excitement, but I'm still quite pissed at how Matt is acting. The drive home was the worst. Between Mikey singing Katy Perry song Roar, Adrian complaining on how we all have the same skill but he's on level two, and Matt lecturing me about keyah; I was tempted to open the car door and tuck and roll on the freeway, but then I thought bad idea. I sat there. The car ride took forever I think Matt drove slow on purpose. I got out the car and straight to my room. "So sweetie how'd it go?" My mom asked. "well mommy it went great. I'm gonna be on an amazing team." I responded extremely happy. "Well honey get some rest practice is tomorrow at 1:30 and you know you don't like to get up before 1" she told me. I burst out laughing my mom always cracks me up. I changed into some basketball shorts and climbed into bed. I wouldn't wanna look tired on my first day.


"it's 12:30 everybody get up now" My mom yelled. I was already up. I was to excited to over sleep. I was already dressed and in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I know it's noon but my family's day doesn't start til 1 so this is a step up. "aww pumpkin your up early are you feeling ok usually I have to claw you outta bed" My mom stated as I handed her a plate of pancakes and eggs. "yes mom I'm fine"  I told her eat my food standing up. I'm a freak of nature I feel as if you eat standing up you don't get fat but if your sitting down that's when obesity takes over. After a few minutes the boys were in the kitchen and eating.

"Oh sugar biscuits it's 1:10 lets move guys Julie can't be late his first day" Adrian said smirking at me. I don't know why but every since yesterday after he threw keyah into me he's been really getting on my nerves. I walked to the car and got in front seat like always and we drove to the gym.

Keyah P.O.V

"Mom stop I don't need that" I told my mom as she packed my bag for cheer. Even though my brother and I are 17 She still feels the need to pack our stuff because she says she wants it perfect. Even though I told her she still stuff more stuff in that bag. I hot tired of sitting there complaining so I went downstairs and watched TV.

Text From: ConnyCon :-* <3

I'm taking you to practice Be ready in two minutes

"Hey Mom Conner is picking me up" I told her walking up the stairs. "ok bags all pack do go I'll be there at 3 to watch" she responded handing me my bag. In no time Connor was blowing the horn and I was out the door. "thank you. Ugh I can't deal with her do you have my other bag?" I asked him. Now I know my mom means well but she's not showing it. Connor handed me the bag. "I packed my mom's pasta from last night. "he said knowing that I didn't eat. "You know everyone thinks your mom is a psycho bitch who lives her life through you?" Connor asked me and of course I knew that.

Connor and I pulled up to the gym with only a minute to spare. I hate being late especially on my first day. I ran in putting my bag down and going to find my team. "hey keyah over here" Adrian yelled at me. I must admit this kids a creep. "hey they let me practice with yal" he said happily. "o that's great"  I told him looking around to see Julian over with officers. "did you guys trade spots? " I asked him. "um yeah he wanted to be on two and plus my brother said he can't talk to you" he told me and that hurt my feelings. I walked away going to stretch alone.

Once we were done we got straight into stunts, which I'm really good at. I can fly and base so I'm fine. "Gkeyah your with this group" coach Jessica said pointing to the last group on the end. I was happy Connor was in my group but so was Adrian. We started off slow doing a basic extension then it got harder. "Ok pull a stretch then tick tock to opposite leg stretch." coach Logan yelled. I waited for them to dip and once I went to switch my legs my cheer life was over.

Julian P.O.V

I can't be on the same team as Adrian so while he's over there I'm here which isn't bad. I like them already. Coach Michael was calling out drills when the whole gym went silent. I looked around to see what happened and all I saw was Adrian looking down and blood everywhere. I ran over to see who it was and then my heart broken. "Don't stand there staring get help" I screamed. "what happened" I asked looking at my scared little brother. "She slipped and she's heavy I could catch her" he said and I was pissed. "dude your weak she looks like a toothpick you just mess up everything. You ruined her life." I yelled back. By this time the ambulance had came and they were carrying her off.

Practice ended early because kids were traumatized by what they saw. Matt came and I begged to go to the hospital. All he said was no she's bad news. That was really frustrating me. "look you dick your brother put her in the hospital we can at least pay our respects and go see how she doing. He looked shocked but he nodded. Once we were there I ran in and to the receptionist desk. She pointed me to the direction and I took off. I got to room 557 in no time her family and Connor were waiting outside the door. "why are you here!" her mom yelled hysterically crying. "look ma'am I'm here for her. I don't know what I did for you to hate me but that's my friend I just wanna see her." I told her. She looked at me for what felt like forever. "you can see her" Kevin said. I waited with them because she's not finished with surgery.

About an hour later they wheeled her bed in and we all got up except Matt. "She'll wake up soon. Surgery went great. She's a little solider"  the doctor said walking out. I waited by the window farthest away. I don't want anyone to see me cry. I hate seeing her like that. Ten minutes later she woke up and those pretty brown eyes were starring at me. I let her family talk first and then me and Adrian. "I'm really sorry about what happened. I tried so hard" he said. She rolled her eyes and looked away.  I could tell she wasn't buying the shit he was selling. Adrian walked out and it was just me left. "So how's that arm. I heard your a soilder" I said and she smiled. "it hurts but I'll be fine" she said. We talked for awhile exchanging numbers and stuff so we can keep in touch. "hey it's time to go" Matt said peeking in the door. I hugged keyah and left. I still feel bad that Adrian broke her arm but I'm glad I got to be with her. Now I know I gotta go back to black ops. Adrian ain't got nothing on me.

You guys officers are 6-0. Undefeated champs. I'm so proud just keep gives us luck and prays because nationals is right around the corner.


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