Chapter 7: They Didn't See It Coming

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I was sure Ben had trusted me by now and I called Ashley, accepting his apology. Although Kingston had a few more steps to go through to get an apology from Ben. Ben was upset with him for days and refused to let him sit with us at lunch. Although after a while Ben finally came around and forgave Kingston but I was allowed nowhere near him. Very funny, Mr. Bruce.

I didn’t hang out alone with Kingston at all just in case he did try something but he did hang out with us. As more weeks passed Andy kept sending me texts every now and then, I would ignore them the best I could. I wouldn’t get many but still it was bothering me. I was with Ben now and having his baby. Speaking of the baby, our first real doctors visit was coming up. Ben, of course, would go with me, I wondered if I was allowed more people.

I bit my lip as I surfed the internet on my bed, I wanted to see what the 8th week’s baby looked like. I was all caught up with work by now and it was almost Halloween. I had my earplugs in and didn’t hear the door open. Suddenly a pair of arms slipped around me and Ben nuzzled my neck. I jerked suddenly, startled and blinked, snuggling back. “Hey, what’s up?” I shook my head, “How many people are allowed in for the first ultrasound?” I felt him shrug and lift his head up, looking at my computer screen. I was looking at each stage of pregnancy, right now my baby looked like an alien. “Why?” I blushed at my thoughts and bit my lip, “maybe Ashley wants to go.” Ben chuckled, “I guess you could ask him.” I smiled and grinned, “why are you laughing?”

“Why are you smiling?” I laughed softly and shook my head. We both knew Ashley would either be astonished or totally weirded out at the sight but it wasn’t like he’d be in there when I was in labor. This was going to be his niece or nephew anyway. I clicked on the images and scrolled through them. I’m sure Ben gawked at most of the pictures while I just bit my lip nervously. Dear Lord, I’d get that big, holy fuck. I rested my head on Ben’s shoulder. “You alright?” He kissed my head. I nodded, closing my eyes and he wrapped an arm around me. I heard the door close and Danny walked in, “hey guys, this.. what are you both doing!” He said, walking over and laughing. “Holy shit, I’m sorry I didn’t know they’d be looking at pregnant people online.” I blushed and x’d the site out, turning we noticed who else was in the room. The blonde girl from Vocals. “Sorry.” I said, she giggled and snuggled into Danny. “It’s ok.”

“Well they could have been doing something even weirder.” He smirked and I rolled my eyes. “So, Ben, Aly this is my new girlfriend, Brooke Dallas from Houston, Texas.” She giggled, “why’d you have to say all of that?”

“Because it’s so awesome and weird, you’re from Texas and your last names Dallas which is in Texas but you don’t live in Dallas. Fucking awesome babe.” She smiled brightly and Danny turned back to us. “And Brooke these are my roommates Ben and Aly. Ben’s Aly’s boyfriend and she’s pregnant with his baby. Just a little bit of info didn’t want you to think I was fucking her because no, Ben would slaughter me.” Ben laughed and I rolled my eyes, smiling. “Haha, Danny. It’s nice to meet you, Brooke.” She smiled and offered her hand. “It’s nice to meet you too.” Brooke was a slightly curvy girl with long blonde hair and a small tattoo on her wrist. She had green eyes and was very pretty. I wondered why Ben wasn’t after her but then I’d break his and her neck. “I just wanted you two to meet her, I’ll let you get back to looking at pregnant women.” He grabbed her turned to walk away. “Hey, you wanna go out for dinner?” I suggested, it would be a good way for us to get to know this girl and we hadn’t been out in a while. “Oh, yeah?” Danny asked, Ben turned to me and I nodded. My appointment wasn’t until tomorrow and maybe Danny’d like to attend? I immediately let the thought go, nah just Ben.

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