Chapter 12

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     "And Jake is where?" Destiny asked.

   This was a question all four people, in the room, wanted to know. "That's a good question." I whispered.

     I slowly picked the letter out of my pants and sat down, unfolding the crumbled paper. "He's gone." I stared at the words written so neatly on one straight line. "I don't know if he's going to come back."

     "Mind if I look at that?" Destiny asked.

     I leaned forward and placed it into her waiting hand. She studied the note for a long time but I could see, on her face, that whatever she was trying to do wasn't working.

     "Can I keep this?" She asked. 

     "Yeah." I shrugged.

     She placed the letter inside of a drawer. "Anything else I can answer for you two?"

     "No." I shook my head and rose from the chair.

     Eli and I left the room, coming back into the room of now all sleeping people. "I'll go see if they'll spare some rooms." Eli stated and moved out of the room. 

     I stared at Dylan, Arianna, Jessica, Ryan and Savanna as they all slept peacefully. I wished they could stay that way forever, stay oblivious to the evils in the world.

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