Chapter 101

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Joe groaned, the feel of her lips on his mouth was heavenly as their kiss deepened. Forcing himself to pull back, he looked at her face. “God I’ve missed those beautiful eyes. Are you okay Sapph? I want the truth. If you lie, I will call the police and have Savage arrested, something he should have been a long time ago.”

Sapph bit her lip, tears forming in her crystal blue eyes. “You shouldn’t be here Joe. Sav could be back any minute. I never know when he will return.” Sapph looked around Joe, terrified that he would pull up and see them together.

Joe frowned, shaking his head. “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF HE COMES BACK SAPPH.  Tell me the truth, is he abusing you?”

Sapph lowered her eyes, bursting into tears and buried her head into his broad shoulder. “Please Joe, don’t make me tell you. I can’t handle this. Things are finally getting better. You should just go. I don’t want Sav to find you here.”

Joe lifted her chin up so she looked at him and looked at her face and frowned, noticing a very slight fading bruise under her left eye. Stepping back, he looked her over and saw two small quarter size bruises on her upper right arm.

“Turn around, I want to see your back.” Joe ordered, placing his hands on her waist and lifted the bottom of her white cotton shirt.

Joe clenched his jaw, tracing his finger over a faded bruise about the size of a small finger, one would get if they grabbed someone roughly. Lifting her shirt further up, there were marks on her ribcage and two small marks on her middle spine. He dropped her shirt, turned her around, taking her hand, and pulled her into the house.

“Pack your stuff, you’re coming home with me. I’m calling the police and having that asshole arrested. Don’t even think about arguing with me Sapph. He’s abusing you and you need to get away from him.”

“Pack enough for the kids to have clothes for a couple of weeks. I’ll stay here and look out for Sav.” Joe wasn’t taking no for an answer, even if he had to throw her over his shoulder to get her out.

Sapph looked at him with utter terror in her eyes and shook her head, remembering Sav’s threats. She had to protect her children at all costs. “NO, I am not leaving with you. I love you Joe but it’s over. Why won’t you accept that? We made a mistake sleeping together. I love Sav, he’s a good man. He just gets a little carried away sometimes. Please leave Joe and don’t come back.”

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