Ch. 8

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suddendly i were flying off kid's soul.

i woke up, i still in raven mode, i saw kid consicious.

i pushed him with my emerous beak and flopped him on my back.

i tell those that he might will be consicous forever, only thing that save him is get out of this room and get fresh air.

i launched my claws to FLIGHT.

i spread my wings, it actully worked but it like i carrying my heavy backpack.

i still flying and do stunt to get though cave and sliently past cherberbus, i soared through river of hell.

i relized that my vision is wrong.... he is pure corba not half.

finally, i soar out of DWMA.

i stay in middle of sky, flapped my wings...

kid just got woke up because of fresh air, i was right.

kid were screaming and accidendly fall off me, NO WAY!

i prep for big launch into ground!

i hold my wings and spinning...

i was light spread my wings slowly.

i try to get under kid then SOAR.

i shut my eyes, suddendly i crashed in floor!

-kid's P.O.V-

i was confused, i thought i actully falling,

i looked at floor suddendly i saw big raven just crashed into floor with me on back.

i pushed raven from floor, suddendly i saw a rose, that raven is.......

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