Louis my boy

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A loud thud then a boy huh? It was all a dream,its ok today was the best day ever yesterday she had won tickets to a one direction concert BOOM,my door slams open my mom was standing in front of me she said get up in a loud but nice voice you friends are here as i jump up and head down stairs i see my best friend mallory standing there with a annoyed but sweet look on her face as i jumped off the stairs she said lets get started in a happy voice,we walked up stairs i and i threw my top and bottom on and an hour later i was finished with my makeup i looked at the clock i saw it was already 5:00! The concert started at 5:15 as i looked outside i saw a limo parked out side ready for me i jumped in and we took off a couple minutes later we pulled up at the concert as i got out a young man with blond hair approached me he said,Hi are you trinity i said in a slow voice yes i am he lead me to a small room then a big one he said the boys are right in there i started to get the sakes after that as i walked through the door i saw a boy with brown hair then realized it was louis Tomlinson!!!! He looked my way then gave me a bright smile and said hi I'm louis whats your name? i said Trinity in a soft voice he said thats a beautiful name i started to say thanks when a blond headed boy interrupted me it was Niall! He said you must be trinity i said yes in a soft voice then the rest of the boys came the told Niall and louis it was time for the show the got up and moved quickly to me then they brought me to my seat a couple of minutes later i saw them out on stage and the hole thing was a blast after the concert i walked back stage then they took me to the lounge louis pulled me over and asked if i wanted to go have ice cream i said sure in a low voice and we walked away as we made it to the ice cream shop we sat down he looked at me very sweet but stern and said can i ask you a personal question i said sure in a confused voice he said, ok then suddenly his question caught me by surprise he asked if i was a Virgin i said yes on a quick voice then he smiled at me and said i can take care of that for you come to my hotel tonight around 8:00 i agreed then we left the ice cream shop......a couple hours later i looked at the clock it was 8:00 so i left i got to louis's hotel then whet to meet him as i got up stair i knocked on his door i could hear him inside he opened the door and there he was he let me in then said you look really pretty tonight i said thanks in a scared voice then he said back to your little problem he came over me so tall and blunt i looked over him he had a pair of toms on with red skinny jeans and a button up

Shirt he had undone his shit and took it off then he started to undue my shirt it was completely off then he got on top of me and took off my and hiss pants and underwear suddenly we were naked he slowly put his cock up me and moved it in and out then he got faster and faster then the pain was gone it was all pleaser..........huh? I woke up to find louis still next to me sleeping happily he started he to blink i guess my gasp of surprise woke him oops said out loud,he looked at me and he smiled then shot up hi Trinity he said in a loud voice i smiled then said hi back i got up and whet to the bathroom and started the bath water.He came into the room and said can i join you i said sure and he plowed down next to me in the bath tube he smiled and said you look hot,i said i know with a bashful smile he sat up next to me and started fingering me then he put a finger in me as we were kissing then i felt two fingers i screamed more but he said no was he playing with me, not yet he said i want you to beg me i screamed his name and he put three fingers up me i begged him then a knock at the door he said to wait there he slipped on his robe and took off i got out and sat on the toilet and took a test to see if i was pregnant it was positive!!!!!!!...............YEARS LATER we lived happily ever after

Sorry bout the crappy ending was tired

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