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Q: {StarsBrighten}- Where did you get the inspiration to write this fanfic?
A: Well, my inspiration for this was the song and video Criminal by Britney Spears. If you haven't heard the song then I recommend it because it's a really catchy song c:

Q: {YoBabySquirrel}- This story is so different, where did you get the idea?
A: Well like I said before, I got inspired by the song Criminal and I once saw a pic of Bruno in which he looked like a bad boy and I fell inlove with the idea of him like that so I kinda made him into a bad boy

Q: {MarsMars217}- Are you going to write a series
A: I'm not sure actually. I would like to get more people to read the story and tell me what they think about and if they like it maybe I would make it a series but if they don't like it then i'll just finish this and that's it.

Well, I only got three questions but it's better than nothing, right?? Anyway OH MY GOSH 1,000 READSSS!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH LIKE AAAHH! FANGIRLING! Oh my gosh i love you guys and yeah!!!! Follow me! (Twitter: @BorisHenderson) (Instagram: @shhh_itsadri)

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