Chapter 1 ~ For the Win

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 This is my first fan fiction, so just don't judge too harshly... If time within the story gets all funky, it's because I'm probably tired and not paying attention, or I just don't remember exact time details from previous parts. I know some stuff won't be exactly correct, but hey, it's fiction... I know it moves kind of slow at first, but it gets more exciting, so yeah...

And I promise it will get better.

 "Lindsey we won!" I scream into my phone.

   "No! We did not! This is AMAZING!" she screams back.

   "We leave for New York on Wednesday," I tell her. Last month we entered a contest to meet One Direction and spend a week with them in New York. We had to submit a video of us covering a One Direction song (We chose You & I. Lindsey played piano and I sang.) and then we had to write about how One Direction changed our lives and why we thought we should be able to meet them. Management just called me a few minutes ago and told me that Lindsey and I had won. This is probably the most exciting news I have ever gotten.

   I  tell Lindsey all the details of the trip that I was told about. Wednesday we fly out to New York, and that night we'll be going out to dinner with some surprise dates (they said it would not be the 1D boys). Thursday the boys of One Direction would be having breakfast with us at the hotel restaurant, then we'll be shopping and hanging out with the boys the rest of the day. Friday is a photoshoot with some magazine I can't remember, and we get to be part of that. The magazine is publishing an article about Lindsey and I and the contest. On Saturday the boys will be on Saturday Night Live, so we get to go to rehearsal and the performance. Sunday we'll just be hanging out, Monday we'll be sightseeing, and Tuesday we're going to be performing on Good Morning America (that's right, WE).

   There's something you should probably know about Lindsey and I. Since the beginning of our junior year of high school (we're 20 now) we've had a YouTube channel. Lindsey is an amazing pianist and I'm a pretty dang good vocalist, so we started making our own arrangements of songs and doing duets. By the end of our senior year we had more than 1,000,000 subscribers, and as of now, we have done collabs with Lindsey Stirling, the Piano Guys, Pentatonix, and some other groups. It's pretty amazing. On occasion we will also do videos like Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta. Most of them have to with fangirling about One Direction or Zac Efron or Taylor Lautner or stuff we're currently pissed off about. It's a fun life.

   That night when Lindsey and I are both home from work (we share a house in LA) we freak out about the news. We start planning everything about the trip. What we're going to wear, how we'll act with the boys, what we'll say, what we won't say, and other random stuff like that. Who knew Mondays could be so exciting? Luckily our bosses at our workplaces absolutely love us (mine has an unfortunate pedophile-ish crush on me- he's 53) so they're letting us take the whole week we'll be gone off. We decide to film an impromptu video for our channel and tell our viewers the excellent news. They'll be excited. It means they'll also be that much closer to One Direction.

   A mere 36 hours later, Lindsey and I are sitting in the terminal at the airport, waiting for the plane to arrive so we can leave for New York. We've been here for about an hour (we left early, not knowing how busy LAX would be), and every couple minutes someone comes up to us and asks us for a picture or a signature. I really enjoy the minor fame. I can't imagine ever being like One Direction and having to have security everywhere you go and hundreds of screaming fans every time you got off a plane. Right where I'm at is just perfect for me. I've always wanted to be a real singer; signed to a record label and everything, but I had never told anyone. Everyone knows I love singing, but they don't realize how much I want to pursue that field.

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