Mac miller...

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~~~~~~~~~ niall p.o.v ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"What the hell!"

" ok, ok. i understand"


Management had just informed me that i had to date Lily Collins, EXACTLY ONE DAY BEFORE I WAS GOING TO ASK SKYLER TO GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE TO BE WITH HER... my life is hell

Not to mention lily collins is skys idol!

She is gonna kill me. dead. oh joy.

I was interrupted by louis throwing a pillow at me

"What was that for!?" i ask angrily

"For even considering doing this to sweet little... Not so innocent, sky!" he yell

"I cant control what management wants lou" i say less angry, because he was right

"But you can sure as hell say no!"

"Then we are out of the job!"

"Whatever niall, just, just fix it." louis said as he walked out of the living room

Damn, I've gotta talk to sky,


"Listen sky, i have something important to tell you"

" What is it , ni?" sky asked sweetly

"I, um, I-I have to date lily collins"

She blankly stared at me for a bit and then stood up in front of me

What is she thinking?

"Ok, i have to go record a bit , but i will see you and the lads later, k?" she said, walking towards the door of the flat me and the boys shared

"O-ok? bye?" i said confused and she smiled weakly. and then she was gone... she didnt even care? not even a little ?

Wow. i feel stuipid....

~~~~~~~~~skylers p.o.v ~~~~~~~~~~~

I got into my car and made it around the corner before i fell into a complete melt-down... i am completely and totally, crushed.

I feel so stupid! i should have known this wasn't gonna work! i couldn't trust Niall four months ago, and i now know i still cant trust him. when i let him in all he does is shatter me to pieces.

I sat at store parking lot for at least forty-five minutes sobbing my heart out. i finally called Isaac ( my manager) to tell him I'm not coming in today

"Sorry Isaac but im not up for any kind of human interaction today" i said

"Fine, but you MUST come in tomorrow, i have a guest that wants to work out a song with you, my dear!" He said very excited

"Who might that be?"

"Only one of the best male rappers in the history of music.... MAC MILLER!!!"

I am in complete awe , omg, omg ,omg!

Mac freakin miller WANTS to work with me on a song... ok, I'm totally fangirling right now!! I love mac miller! he's like my idol!

And maybe he will get my mind off of niall...


Sorry it was short guys! but the weekend is over and i gotta get some sleepzz!

But winter break starts friday soooo expect lots of updates!

I really love you guy that read my fan-fic!!!

And i know what your all thinking!

' I thought this is a Niall Horan story, not a mac miller story, omg?! '

And to answer, yes there will be some mac/sky action going down, but don't worry! sky wont be able to stay away from her true love!!! (Niall)

Lol, ok, chow for now!! lol im weird!! :3

Love, tatumm!

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