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The arena seems to be a lot chirpier and happier today, shame it is about to be crushed by a cloud of dullness as the Feast, will roll on into action.

It is early morning, around 9am, and the sun is rising into the bright blue sky

The luscious green, circle paddock that holds the shining silver horn of the Cornucopia will never been seen as clean as this again. No doubt, blood red stains will mark there territory over the field.

Ruby and Zoe are the only tributes that have decided not to participate in this event today. Zoe still being sore, bruised and battered from her attack, and Ruby still isn't mentally in the right head frame to be killing or seeing deaths.

Caitlyn is hiding among the trees, directly across from the mouth of the cornucopia. No doubt her hands will be getting dirty today

Right at the opposite end of the field is Alfred and Nathan. They have actually spotted Nick, who is about 20-30 metres to there left. Nick has not yet seen them, all Nick wants is to get something like painkillers or something then leave.

 Isabelle however, just wants to get out of the arena as soon as possible, so she is definitely contemplating whether or not she will get in any fights.

Holly is also hiding out. This will be the first time she will have seen Nick Haslam since she ran away. ditching Nick and the deceased Matt, for her own survival. Nick may seek revenge.

This will definitely be a fun turn of events.


I wait in nervous anticipation for the feast to begin. I look around the tree line to see if I can spot any other tributes waiting to pounce into action.

It seems to be bare. I cannot see any tributes, at all. I can't be the only one wanting to participate in the feast.

By my heart skips a beat when I see a figure peer from behind a tree. Someone I haven't seen in quite some time, when in actual fact, it has only been a day or two.


I felt extreme guilt last night when I saw Matt's face in the sky. Knowing it is probably half of my fault it was there. I was also surprised to see two strong and threatening Careers in the sky. Bailey and Izzy. Them two were my main worries. Now that there gone, I might have a chance at winning this. But that also brings to my mind that Caitlyn is still out there somewhere. No doubt she'll be coming to fight today.

A gong sounds and a picnic table comes through a contraption in the ground. On the table are six bags, each with the number of the District that remains. One, Three, Four, Five, Ten and Eleven.

I go to run out, heart beating. I am about five metres out when I see Nick's figure run out as well. He dosen't notice me, but I have stopped running.

I notice he has a sword, but I have a samuri sword and a bow and arrow. If he wants to tustle, I find myself in a comfortable position. I continue running as fast as I can. It is about fifty metres from the tree line to the horn, so it only takes me about seven or so seconds to get there.

And as I do, Nick arrives as well. Nick looks like a mess. Somehow his fringe is cut off and his face is swollen and bruised.

"Fancy seeing you here!" He calls.

Then it occurs to me where from the same District, only one of us can escape with the bag.

He grabs it but I don't give up, I attempt to get hold of it, but he is too strong. He rips it from my hands begins to run.