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Chapterr 2:

All of my hair was to one side and i was sti straddeling Harry . We were just smiling at eachother.

"Would it be bad to kiss you right now?" I said so sudden, I even suprised myself .

"Would it be bad if i said no?" He asked me and smiled while i was blushing. Both of my hands were on his chest . I leaned in more and more, then .. I did it . I kissed Harry . He kissed back we both smiled into the kiss. It was a crazy feeling. He slid his tongue across the bottom of my lip asking for access, i didnt let him in. We both pulled away.

"We need to finish

Unpacking styles." I had a evil smirk on my face.

"Ohh okay, thats it." He said in a pouty voice.

We started to unpackmore and more and my flat was looking more and more cozy each moment. The livingroom just needed maybe a little desk table or something. harry and i were both exhaughsted so we plopped on my bed and both let out huge sighs.

"Well Harry, thanks for the help today"

"Anytime love."

"Its almostt 10, you should probably get going before its too late."

"Yeah your right, well i guess ill see ya later love" he said with a smile as he was getting off of the bed.

"Hey harry..thankyou."

"You already said that.?" He asked in more of a question tone.

"No, thanks for .. Everything. Im not sure where i would really be right now, if it wasnt for you running into me." I giggled but still sounded sympathetic.

"Yourwelcome cass, if you need anything, im just a phonecall or txt away, remember i put my number in your phone" he smiled at me

" oh yeah, thanks . Ha, well later harry! byeee!" I gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"No more than that..really? .. Fine , if ya suppose.." He said sadly.

"Haha get outta here Harry" i gave him a friendly nudge.

I shut the door after he had left and locked it . It was so peaceful, but so empty, i felt so alone. I went to my room and quickly fell asleep. When i layed down it was about 10:15. Goodnight world(:


Ahh! What will happen next? Im not gonna put many authors notes cuz i dont like them, if ya wanna read them go ahead, but when i read books i almost never do . Ha well thanks for reading and byee loves! Ill update soon(:

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