Ch. 7

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suddendly i saw tree,

i ran to that tree and touch branch..... swoosh

my soul is changing!

i am turning into my form!

i spread my arms and change into wings, blast of black feathers.

i rising above my human form, i am reval my..... RAVEN!


i am pure raven now.

i hold my wings and look at them.

blackstar running to branch... MY TURN TO FLY!

he ran to branch...

NO! i yelling.

i try to catch him with my claws.

too late...

he actully touched it.

i looked to underworld moon....

*blurry then blackout*

-kid's P.O.V-

i ran to that raven...

i very upest, my soul is broken.

i lay my head against raven's chest.

i want a seek for REVANGE!

my eye glowing into my soul's color, and look at blackstar.

i am rising without liz and patty.

i looked at moon, suddendly something got in my soul,

i looked at jessie, her body swoosh into mine!

i roars roughly, you owe me a LOVE!

i bursting into corba!

it pure golden corba, with black stripes on my corba fin.

i rattles roughly and ready to blow a insane scream at love breaker.

my heart beating in breaking mode.

i open my fangs and ready for strike!

suddendly, i weaken and blackout.

-jessie's P.O.V-

i begin to woke up, i relized i trapped in blue ball, i look around.

suddendly i saw kid in white outfit, with hoop at top of his head.

it pure white hair and white eye.

he sat on bench and playing white westren guitar with beatuiful song.

i walked up to him...

what you want? he reliped.

nothing, but i know what you want. i speak firmly.

what? he asked me.

i hold my rose, LOVE of your life.

he hold his heart, it breaking, you are dead.

if you wake up, you will see REAL LOVE. i reliped.

kid calling me to sat on bench next to him.

we holding hands and shut eyes...

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