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Dan’s POV

I was almost asleep, almost. I was woken up by the buzzing of my phone on the side. I groan before reaching over to my bedside table, quickly remembering Phil was here and sleeping. I moved slowly and quietly before answering my phone in a hushed whisper.


“Hi Dan!” I heard Adrian scream down the phone, I put the phone away from my ear a little. “Oh my god, I need some help with something. So today I asked this girl out and she said yes and we went on our first date today, well yesterday since its 6am but who cares and just then she asked me to come over today and I don’t know what to do!” Adrian shouted. I can barely understand, let alone capable of giving advice.

“Ads, since when do you call your gay brother for advice on girls?”

“I thought you were bi.” He states confused, well I am bi but preference for boys so I guess I’m homo-flexible. I was not awake yet, but I suddenly realized that I was supposed to be mad at Adrian for liking Phil. I should just let it go; he has a girlfriend now anyways.

“I’m homo-flexible, but even if I was bi, do you think I can help you get a girlfriend?”

“Well, I guess you can I mean you dated that Katie girl.”

“How did you know about that?”

“Grandma told me.” I chuckled. I felt a weight being lifted off my chest and the beautiful color of oceans look into my eyes. Phil gave me a confused look but he kept quiet, I quickly mouthed ‘Adrian’ to him and he gave me a weird look before lying back on my chest and going back to sleep.

“Well Adrian, I think I cannot give you advice and that I am very tired, so good night.”

“But Dan, help me think of an excuse not to go, being a runaway I haven’t had a lot of school so I don’t think of excuses to skip very often.”

“Just tell her, its grandmas birthday. That way she’ll think you’re sweet too for putting everything off for grandma too.”

“Good plan thanks bye”

“Bye” I hung up quickly before he could say anything else. I was exhausted so as soon as I put my head to the pillow I fell asleep.

The next day

Still Dan’s POV

Phil wasn’t here anymore, that’s weird, normally he stays and stares at me sleep (no joke.) I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 3pm. I left the room worried. I walked into the lounge, nothing, Phil’s bedroom? Nothing. I ran into every room in the house getting more worried by the minute. Until I ran into the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge that read:

Dear Dan,

I went to the shop. We’re out of cereal. Then after that I’m going to send some mails, so yeah. I’ll be back soon. I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up; you just looked so calm and peaceful. I love you.

-Phil <3


That was even weird, Phil never left to go anywhere without me. I suddenly got a sudden wave of worry come over me. What if dad broke out of jail and took Phil? What if Phil got captured and is being hurt like I was? What if dad has real friends and they look Phil for revenge? What if I’m over reacting and we really did run out of cereal and he didn’t want to wake me up? Actually we are out of cereal. But that doesn’t explain why he’s still out for cereal at; I look over at the clock again 3:23pm. Okay there was definitely something wrong.

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