Chapter 24

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Nicole's POV

Harry found me during lunch.

"Hey... there's a party at the complex tomorrow. Wanna come?" He asks.

I'm honestly really hesitant. I HATE PARTIES SOO MUCH. Spend my Friday night with a bunch of teenagers that are drunk as heck and doing stuff they won't even freakin remember in the morning? No thank you! Still, it's Harry and well..

"Sure" I say without thinking.

(Skip to the next day)

My alarm clock drones in my ears as I roll out of bed. I have a party to go to tonight. Why did I ever agree to that? My parents were pretty ticked off at me for not calling, scaring them, and "leaving Abby's" without telling anyone. They would have went through the roof if I told them what really happened. I'm shocked as a familiar black range rover pulls up in my driveway. Harry (or should I say Marcel) gets out and walks toward the door. I quickly open it and he looks kinda nervous.

"I thought you'd need a ride.." He says quietly.

I jump up and hug him, "Thanks!"

We get into the school and thank goodness nothing bad happened this time. I get through the day with no problem and I go to the complex with Harry. I wonder why Simon let them have a party. Harry said they've never had one, and Simon doesn't seem like the type. No offense to anyone, but seriously someone had to say it. People are setting up, and I'm kinda starting to regret all this. I must have looked really uneasy because Harry squeezes my arm and says, "Don't worry. I'll stay with you all night."

They didn't waste any time. By 5:30, everyone was already here and the party was at full blast. I lost Harry in the sea of people almost as soon as the party started. That's what happens I guess. So much for staying with me.

Riley's POV

Everything's going exactly according to my plan. Harry's getting totally wasted and Nicole's alone, scared, and vulnerable.. exactly where I want her.

I walk around trying to look casual and then "conveniently bump into her". She looks kinda freaked out. Good. I give Daniel the signal to start phase two. I grab Nicole's arm and she screams and tries to jerk away. I keep a death grip on her arm and pull her away. We see Harry and her face relaxes a little until he starts to talk.

"Heyyyyynicoleeee" he slurs

She looks takes a step back as she realizes how bad this could be for her.

I've seen Harry drunk before, and trust me, drunk Harry is not a pleasant one (not that sober Harry is much better).

"Hey Harry! She's your girl, let's have some fun shall we?" Daniel smirks.

Her eyes widen as Harry nods.

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