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I shot up started by the sudden sound of my alaclock going off. I reached over and shut it off before laying on my bed again. I sat around for a minute before reaching over and grabbing my phone. No new mesages besides some pictures of memes.

I sighed getting up and grabbing my hair brush off my bedside and began to brush my hair as I scoped out what I needed to clean.

I put on some jogging pants and threw on my oversized sweater, a casual outfit. Afterwards I went to the bathroom and washed my face before putting my hair up in a much neater bun compared to yesterday.

I left my room and went downstairs to grab some food and my mother, of course, became a drama queen at me being up early.

"Honey are you sick?? It's Saturday and 8 am.", this of course, was a joke.

I replied with, "nah, I've got annoyingfrienditious"  she snickered and gave me the grilled cheese she had been making. "Thank you~", I said before going back upstairs with it (not before grabbing some juice mind you).

I ate my grilled cheese before cleaning. I started with my clothes by putting them in my hamper, then moved the consoles into a more arranged setting. And so it didn't look like a junk pile. I really need a custom dresser with holes for my consoles.

I sighed and sat on my bed once I was done before I remebered what I had woken up early to do.

I checked the time and it was already 1, I assumed jasmine was almost at my door. I decided to wait a few minutes because there was no avoiding this now.

As if on queue, I heard the doorbell go off. "Coming!" I yelled while running down the stairs to the door.

I opened the door to see no one else but jazz, as I had predicted.

"What?! You're up this early on a saturday!! What is this witch craft-" she gave me a slight shove as she said this.

"Oh come on!! I'm not THAT lazy! Plus my room was a mess my dude", I laughed and shoved her back.

"Is it time to get spooky with the ravioli oooooooo~", she joked at me while snickering.

I replied with, "Oh hell yes. Let's go upstairs and get the game going".  I ran up the stairs with her following behind me.

While she was setting up the game console I got the game out of the box and felt a pang of dread come over me. I would be responsible if this went wrong. Granted, this all could still be a huge prank, or I could have been hallucinating.

I was snapped out of my trail of thought by jazz waving her hand infront of my face. "Hello ooo?  Earth to zel-"  I swatted her hand away from me. "Oh, welcome back to planet earth miss belle" she snickered and pulled the beanbag out from the corner plopping down in it, motion for me to come sit with her.

I sighed and put the game in the system. The glitched startup screen went on and jazz gawked at it  " thought you were joking!! I'm excited to see the wonders of a hacked game now." Jazz exclaimed while bouncing a bit.

I bit my lip and went into the save files, one to find one labelled BEN underneath mine. That must mean he's in the game, right? I entered my safe file and began playing around in the broken clock town. It wasn't long before I started glitching out.

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