New Life

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I wake up this morning and feel fantastic about my existence like every other day of my being. I let out a long yawn as I stretch out the sleepiness. "Liza! Food! GET UP!" My step mother smirks. She knows I don't eat. "Piss off,witch!", I growl as I head for the shower.

The cold, sprinkling water feels great on my body on this warm August morning. First day of a new school, which I wouldn't even be going to if my dad hadn't married Allanah.

I wash my body with the warmer water of the shower head. I'm dreading everything about this place. I have no friends, and this place is unfamiliar.

I quickly get dressed, putting my hair into a messy bun before heading downstairs.

"Aren't you going to eat some pancakes?", Allanah spits.

"Are you ever gonna leave me the fuck alone?", I retort.

"I have half a mind to slap you senseless, little girl. Don't push me."

"I'm sorry, last time I checked, I am all the way over here and can't touch you, and you aren't my fucking mother!", I finish, earning a glare afterwards.

"Love you, Daddy! Have a good day!"

I smirk at Allanah before calling "Have a blessed day, and oh don't forget your glasses, Medusa!"

Heading for the bus stop at the end of my street, a tall, blonde boy catches up to me.

"Hey, I've never seen you around before. Kyle.", he says sticking his hand out for me to shake.

"Liza. I'm from Coolville. I used to live with my mom, but moved here not long ago at all."

"Cool, what school are you going to this fall?", he questions.

"Hillcreek Falls High. Incoming Sophtie."

"Oh really? I'm in 10th too! Care if I show you around?", he says with a smile, his cute dimples creasing in the sides of his cheeks.

"Yeah sure. I'd like that," I start. "You're actually the first person that's spoken to me from the school."

He grins. We walk in silence the rest of the way to the bus. When we get there, there are a few people already waiting.

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