One Night

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My body's cold

Lips are blue

Why did I do this because of you?

I feel the earth below me

Like a pillow under my head

No knives, no guns, but pills instead

The bottle lays empty

Cap unscrewed

What did I do? What did I do...

My spirit floats, my body lays

My lover finds me

And she prays

I reach for her

I'm sucked away

Like a deep crest if a wave

She pounds the ground

Screaming "Why?"

I asked myself why I did

My parents arrive, my best friend too

I thought to myself, "what did I do?"

I look away, the pains too deep

My life is over because of me

I look back for one last glance

They zip me up in a body bag

I did this to ease my pain

I lost instead of gained

As I look upon my family

I regret that night

My life stopped ticking

Because of a fight.

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