(Harry's P.O.V.)

*The next day*

I wake up on the couch at Niall's. That thing is a piece of shit. He needs a new couch. I'll remind him about it. Oh! Or maybe I could get him one for Christmas.

I need to go see if Nicole is awake yet. By the looks of it all the boys woke up early and left before I did. I wonder if Niall ever came back from my house last night after he went to check on Renee'.

When I walk in it's silent. This is strange because there was four very loud girls in here last night. I walk into the living room and Niall and Renee' are sleeping on the couch together. They look pretty cute. Oh my god... Did I just say... cute?!

I walk upstairs and all the guest rooms are open and the beds are unmade. The boys must have woken up the other girls and left. I walk to my room and the door is closed. I walk in and see her beautiful blonde hair in a messy bun on top of her head. She's snuggled up in the blankets in my jumper. She has her eye's closed and her breath is steady.

"I can feel you staring at me Harry. Did your mother ever teach you not to stare? It's very rude." She smiles. Her eye's are still closed.

"Did you just call me Harry?" I question. She opens her eyes and nods her head.

"It seems to fit you more then Marcel." She giggles as she grabs my bicep.

"Well you look very very beautiful this morning." I grin.

"Whatever! I bet I look like a ratchet mess!" She laughs.

"You can take a shower if you want." I offer.

"Thanks. I really need one." She smiles and gets up to get clothes out of the drawer I gave her.

"Yeah you do! Phew!" I teased plugging my nose. She gasps.

"I don't stink that bad!" She pouts.

"Be sure to use extra body wash." I tease as she heads to the bathroom. I hear her laugh through the door of the bathroom.


(Niall's P.O.V.)

I wake up and Renee' is still on my chest looking gorgeous as usual. I asked her on the proper date because I want her to get to know me before she decides. Her delicate eye's flutter open.

"Good morning." She smiled slightly.

"Mornin'!" I chirp.

"How are you so happy in the morning?" She laughs.

"I don't know maybe its because your here." I flirt.

"AWE!" She squeaks and pecks my cheek multiple times really fast making the 'muah' sound.

"So do you want to take a shower over at my house or.....?" I ask.

"Well I really don't have any clothes there. I can either borrow some of Nikki's clothes or we can go to mine?" She smiles big.

"You could always wear my clothes." I wink.

"Wear your clothes on our date? I don't think so! I have to look my best!" She giggles.

"Do you live alone?" She shakes her head.

"No, well sort of." She has a confused look on her face.

"Sort of?"

"Yeah. My mom is constantly on business trips so I pretty much live alone." She scratches the back of her neck.

"Well we can go to yours if you want to." I get up and offer my hand.

"Yeah. Can we? Nikki's shirts or dresses never fit my chest." She pouts and slightly blushes.

"I think your chest is the perfect size." I chuckle and peck her on the nose.

"That was the strangest compliment I've ever gotten..." She laughs.

"Your welcome!" I chuckle.

"Can I drive?!" She asks excitedly.

"Do you know how to drive?" I laugh as she hits me in the arm.

"Of course I do! I'm nineteen!" She huffs.

"Awe! Your only nineteen!?" I tease as I hand her the keys out of my pocket.

"Yes! And how old are you?" She questions jumping into the drivers seat.

"I'm twenty one. Your still a baby!" I tease in a baby voice.

"Shut up or the car gets it." She gives me an evil glare.

I gasp. She wouldn't.

"Oh I would!" She says as she slams her foot on the gas making us jerk forward.

"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt Georgia!" I gasp. She stops at a stop sign and gives me a weird look.

"Georgia?" She laughs.

"Yes... I bought her in Atlanta and got her flown all the way here." She laughs harder.

"Her?! You make it sound like a prostitute!" She gasps for air because she's laughing so hard.

"Nuh uh!" I pout.

A honk from behind us makes her move the car again. She goes pretty smooth now. We go through town to a huge building in downtown. We go in the parking lot and park the car. She jumps out and throws me the keys. We go up to the very top floor and the lift opens. We are greeted by a mother with a stern look on her face.

"Uhhh. Mom? What are you doing home today?" Renee' asks uncomfortably.

"My question is where have you been for the past three days? And without your phone!?" She holds up a white IPhone with a Pink bunny case on it.

"I was at Nikki's. And umm this is her cousin Niall. He was just bringing me up." She grabs me forearm and drags me torward a hallway.

"Young lady! Why is he going back there with you?" Her mom asks sternly.

"Ummm. Nikki was sick so she's in the car and you know how freaky it gets here so Nikki asked him to come with me. So I'm just grabbing some clothes to go to Nikki's again. And it would be awfully rude to leave him in the living room alone." She smiles sweetly at her bitter mother.

"And who says your leaving again?" Her mom narrows her eyes at me.

"I did. I'm nineteen mother. I can do what I want. I'm an adult now!" Renee' answers with attitude.

"Fine. Have all your things out of my flat in a hour. I will be at dinner with my boss." She barks.

"Fine! Your just a snobby bitch anyways!" She flips her mom off with both hands.

Renee' grabs my hand and drags me to I suppose her room. She goes straight to her bathroom and locks the door. I hear sobs. I go to the door and knock lightly.

"Babe, come on. She's just a bitch." I sigh.

"I know." She unlocks the door and steps out. I immediately bring her into my chest. She sniffs and crys into my chest. She cant even cry into my shoulder because she's so short. I rub her back softly. She  sniffs one more time before heading to her closet.

"I don't know where I'm going to go. Maybe I can stay in a hotel." She sniffs rubbing her eyes.

"Your kidding me right?" I raise an eyebrow.

"What?" She sniffs once again.

"I'm not letting you stay in a nasty hotel when I have a perfectly good house that's by your best friend." I smile and hold out my arms so I can embrace her in a hug.

"Your so fucking perfect." She sniff against my chest.

"I'm not even close baby. Not even close." I kiss the top of her head.

(Niall and Renee' hugging on the side!! <3)

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