Chapter 21

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--Chapter 21--


I sighed sitting in the waiting room watching Noah play with the toys that were set up for the kids that come to the doctors office. I stood up hearing my name and walked up to the front desk.

"We got the results's negative." The doctor smiled and walked away. I sighed in relief picking Noah up and going to the car, driving home.

When I reached to the house I set Noah down and sat next to Isaac but he was still pretty pissed.

"Isaac.." I poked his cheek, frowning at how he was ignoring me. "Isaac" I repeated, he looked at me.

"What?" He said, I sat on his lap looking down at him. "I'm sorry..." I tried to grab his hand but he snatched in away resting it on his stomach.

"Please..." I whispered grabbing his hand again, but this time he just looked at our hands and intertwined our hand together. He sighed, "Fine.." He mumbled rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb slightly.

I smiled hugging him, burying my face in his neck. His arms wrapped around me holding me close and started rubbing my back softly.

~a few weeks later~

I woke up at about 7am and started to get everything ready for when Noah wakes up, you know you just gotta be prepared.

I set a plate of pancakes and sausages on the table with orange juice. Hearing tiny footsteps walking downstairs, I turned around to see a curly haired boy peeking out of the corner.

"Come here silly" I smiled and he ran over jumping onto the chair quickly eating his food.

I walked upstairs seeing Isaac half awake, I sat on top of him. "Well hi there" I joked and he groaned, "Oh come on! Wake upppp!" I patted his chest.

He lied there for a moment and quickly turned us around so now he was on top. He pecked my lips. "I'm up!" He smiled.

"Good, now go eat" I laughed pushing him off of me. I grabbed my phone seeing a voicemail.

I clicked it, listening to it closely.

Hello Alexis, we would like to inform you that we gave you the wrong paper work yesterday. So come back in if you want to still see if you're pregnant or not. Have a nice day, thank you. Bye bye.

I groaned, really? But I really should go back since its been almost a month since then and you never know since uh... Me and Isaac... sort of.. Yeah.

I changed into a pair of jeans and a crop top that didn't show much. I grabbed my bag walking downstairs.

"I'll be back" I kissed Noah's forehead then pecked Isaac's lips.

"Love you guys!" I hurried and drive to the office.

I went in did whatever and waited. I played with my fingers looking around at the pregnant moms waiting. I snapped out of my thoughts to my name being called.

I walked in the room again and he looked at me. "This time... It's positive" He smiled, "Congratulations!" He walked out of the room.

Oh my god... What would Isaac do? Would he leave again.. I drove home with a lot of thoughts.

I ate dinner with a lot of thoughts. When I went to bed I had a lot of thoughts. I sighed sitting up looking at the clock that had 4am on it.

How do I tell Isaac that I'm pregnant.... again?


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