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(AN: I just realized I've been spelling Connor's name wrong. Lol sorry Connor!)

We decided to check out our bedrooms first. We all went up the stairs. We lost the guys at their floor and continued on up to ours. When we got there, we walked down the hall hesitantly to find our rooms. Annabeth and I were across the hall from each other, right next to the stairs. Hazel and Katie were next to us, and Clarisse was at the end, across from- wait, there weren't any other girls... I stepped toward the door and read the name. Calypso. What? I turn to the others. "Uh, guys? You might want to see this..." Annabeth walked over and read the sign.

"Calypso? Didn't Leo meet Calypso? Does that mean she's going to school with us?"

"Lets go check."

I ran down the stairs, Annabeth and Hazel following me to the boys' floor.

We stopped in front of Leo's door and listened.

"Nice room! Gah! Oh hi Dad."

"Leo, remember that girl you met? Calypso?"


"She ,uh, she's going to school with you."

I heard a noise that sounded like an unexpected hug.

"Really? You-you're serious? Thank you!"

"Yes, I'm serious. And you should actually thank your friend Jason's dad. He freed her."

I turned and looked at the others. Hazel looked smug. She had said Leo had met someone, and she was right.

Annabeth's mouth was a perfect O.

We heard Leo walking toward his door and we bolted.

About 10 minutes later everyone grouped downstairs.

"So we found an extra room upstairs, for someone named.....what was it?.....Calypso. Anyone know what to make of that?" I looked at Leo. He had a great poker face.

Percy gasped. "Ca-Calypso? H-here? Oh gods."

"What do you mean, 'Oh gods.'?"Annabeth glared at him.

"I just mean....n-now it's equal! The guys were dominant in numbers, and now we're not! That's all Wise Girl."

She shook her head." Whatever. The point is, we have one more person than expected. Anyone know when-"

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. Leo went to answer it.

"Hey, is this the residence that was built by-Leo!" A girl said.

He laughed. "By Leo? No. By the men and women of Olympus-er- Industries, yes."

Now she laughed."Leo, I know it was built by the gods. Don't tell me you don't recognize me?"


"No, Jennifer Lawrence." She replied sarcastically.

He opened the door wider."Come on in."

Percy ran upstairs, not wanting Calypso to see him. Leo closed the door and grinned, popping the top of a Coca-Cola can.

"So what's up?" He sat on the arm of the couch, trying to look cool.

"Apparently I'm going to high school. Joy." Calypso sighed and we all got our boring introductions out of the way.

Percy came down and grinned. "Sup people?"

"Where'd you run off to, Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth asked.

"I have fishies in my room!"

"Calypso, Percy. Percy, Calypso." I interjected.

"We've met. I'm going swimming. Anyone else?"

We all went to the pool, all awkwardness forgotten.


Sorry if this is short. Writers block is a- butthole. So, Calypso is going to modern school. Good luck Cali!

Calypso: Don't call me that.


Calypso: Mhmm.

DISCLAIMER: I'm 13. And female. 'Nough said.

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