Ch.5 Where Am I? Why Me?

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Valerie's Pov:

  You know the feeling when you just don't want to wake up since you are tired and lazy? Yeah, that's me!  I had to wake up though and my thoughts about what I was doing a few hours ago came back to me. I never thought my couch would be this comfy! I could just sleep forever! Wait....Why am I feeling some guy saying my name? What the hell?? I don't remember having a guy over!

  I opened my eyes and came face to face with the person I never wanted to see in my life! It was my worst nightmare come true! I never thought this would happen to me! I wanna cry dear lord help me escape!

"WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY AM I HERE?" I screamed

"Valerie, calm down please? You are safe with me you know that right? I don't ever want to hurt you so please don't be scared of me. I brought you to my cabin that I got for us both and it will only be you and me and no one else." Jace said calmly.

"What the fuck is wrong with you! You sick twisted asshole! I don't want to be with you or even love you! Take me home NOW!" 

"Valerie, Valerie, Valerie. This is your home from now on. Your home is with me." Jace said with authority.

  Excuse me? Am I hearing correctly? Who does he think he is? he does not own me or isn't my mother! I am utterly pissed of right now! I am going to slap that smirk he has on his lips! I am not staying with him. I am leaving and he will never find me! He will be in prison where he belongs in!

"Listen you little piece of shit. My home is not with you and never will be. It is far away from you!" I spat out with disgust.

"How wrong you are. You will never leave me Valerie. I will always find you wherever you are in this world. Now excuse me please have to go cook something for you since you must be very hungry."

  Right on cue my stomach growls and Jace chuckles. He then walks out the door and when he closes it I hear a little click on the other side. That asshole has this door locked so I won't escape!!! I get off the bed and walk all around the room trying to find some weapon I can use against him. Here I thought he would be the best teacher at school instead he turns out to be my damn stalker! I see a different door and walk towards it I see it was a walk-in closet with another door at the end. I see that the closet was full of clothes and differnt things like underwear,bras,shirts,dresses,skirts,etc! Woah that's impressive! I continue walking to the door at the end and find out that's the bathroom. I walk inside and close the doot as I enter and see there's a window! I climb on the toilet and see if the window has a lock on it and I see it didn't! Yesss!!!! I use all my strength to open the window and guess what? It opened!!! I carefully slithered like some snake to squeeze out and I managed! 

  When I was fully out of the bathroom and into fresh air I look around and see that we were in the forest damn it!! I saw a road, but walking on the road would mean I would get caught! I could walk a little far away from the road and quietly to not get caught, but I need to move fast before I get caught and won't escape! I start my rapid pace walking as fast as I can away from Jace and his creepy ways. It felt like hours that I was walking, but I wasn't well, I don't know actually since I don't have my phone with me! I am going to hope that there is some town nearby! I suddenly hear a engine of a car nearing and I throw myself down on the ground behind some bush and be quiet!

"VALERIE!!! Where are you??? I will find you I know you are here somewhere!!! Better come out before I find you because when I find you I will punish you harshly!!! VALERIE!!!!" I heard an annoying voice say

  God damn it! I hope he doesn't find me at all or else I am in deep shit! I need to find a town quickly!! I hear the car leaving, but I know he can't be too far or he could have turned off the car I have to be careful! I get up and quickly start walking again, but I look around every minute to be careful. I see the sun going down and I know I have been walking for some time and I suddenly start hearing tons of cars and honking. Could this mean I am near a town or something? I start rushing and not looking around and when I pass a tree I see a town! Thank you!!1 I rush more like run towards the town and see a police station just my look! I enter and see all the policemen looking at me as if they knew me. Huh? Well, that's weird! I walk towards a policeman and tell him if I could call someone because I was kidnapped. 

"Kidnapped? Really? Well, let me take you to the chief's office." 

 We walked to the chief's office and when we entered the chief who was sitting  at his desk looked up. He seemed surprised.

"Hello, I am chief Roberts and we have been expecting you Valerie."

"What?! By who???

"By me Valerie." 

  I froze. No no no please tell me this is some sick joke. This can't be happening!!!



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