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Chapter 2

You aren't really sorry. You're just sorry you got caught and I'm ashamed that i actually thought you were worth my time.

I sat in my seat and I got lucky since it was single seated so I wouldn't be getting to sit next to anyone. I looked out the window and saw the faces of people waving goodbye to their loved ones. I don't know what made me scan the whole crowd looking for a particular face but I guess in a way I was hoping I would see Parker face and his beautiful hazel eyes begging me to not go. I looked down in my lap and thought of that again. I didn't want him there and I should be very glad that he wasn't there.

But in all honesty, I wasn't close to lifting the heaviness in my chest. My heart was still in it's lovely shattered messy state. I had no doubt in my mind it would take me a very long while before I would feel comfortable to be with another guy.

Oh Parker, what did you do to me? I'm a lonely mess and it's all your fault, I thought and leaned my head against the sit, willing myself to stop thinking of him. I didn't dare look out the plane window again, I would cry even if I allowed myself a little peek. I wonder if Jake even feels guilty for not telling me about Parker and that stupid game. I mean seriously, what did Parker offer to my brother that he didn't even attempt to tell me anything? this is all too messed up.

But I don't care anymore. I don't. It shouldn't matter to me anymore, It's over between Parker and I -- and he can go play that stupid game with his friends and be with as many girls as he wishes. No one is going to stop him and now he doesn't have me to worry about when his with those girls like as if he ever cared in the first. Stupid you. He didn't care when you two were together and what makes you think he'll even care once he sees the necklace at his house. He'll probably just shrug it off like it didn't matter.

And guess who will be the one moping and hurting between you and him? Of course, it will be you. You'll be the one crying and feeling the world is going against you and all he will do is be with other girls and doing the things he used to do to you. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around it tightly as I started to silently cry.


I'm not quite positive how I managed to fall asleep but I did and it felt absolutely wonderful. But boy, do I feel like I could've gotten more sleep. Too bad, that lady in the plane woke me up saying that we've landed and to please exit now. I bet if she wasn't in work, she'd just walk past me and not care if I got down or not-- Stop! I ordered to myself with a very much needed nasty glare. I was already judging such negative things about people that I've never even met!

I took a deep breath and looked all around the airport -- it was actually a nice sight to see. I found a seat and sat whilst calling Emily so she and her parents could come pick me up from the airport. I had a theme song from the movie Frozen playing in my head and my foot tapped against the floor in a rhythmic way. I bobbed my head as well -- still listening to the phone ring.

"Miss! Watch out!"

The warning had come too late since I turned in time to see a guy come flying towards me. Ouch, my back hurts. I thought to myself as I lay on the airport floor with my eyes still shut close and a really warm, heavy body on top of me. I could feel his breath right on my lips so I could tell that he was still alive and okay. Well here he better be okay like goddamn boy, you landed on me. I'm like your human cushion right now. I was actually pretty scared to touch him so I just left him alone on top of me even though it was really awkward feeling and debating in my head whether to push him off or not. Finally, after a few minutes or so, he got off me and was groaning in some kind of pain. I was bit annoyed at that -- I mean let me say this again, I was the human cushion you landed on.

"Hey miss, are you okay?" I opened my eyes to see a tan outstretched hand in my line of view. I hesitated to put my hand in his so he could lift me and he must've noticed that since he added with a joking kind of tone, "We're in public. Not like I have the option of kidnapping you silently since you look like the type of person to bite, scream, hit in me in the balls and then run."

I cracked a smile at that and placed my hand slowly in his. Then with that he lifted me up in one pull and his hand was unusually warm. And truth be told, I was actually tempted to hold his hand for a while longer but I didn't since that'd be actually pretty creepy. I let go of his hand as soon I got to stand up on my two feet and said, "Thank you."

He shrugged and gave me a killer smile with dimples in present, "No need. I did crash into you after all."

I was barely paying attention to him speaking. His smile was wow. It was prefect with the visible dimples and straight, pearly white teeth gleaming from behind his lips. I almost fainted at that. He was absolutely gorgeous and that was part of the reason why everything felt nerve-wrecking. The other part was that my heart was pounding and just yesterday, I had gotten out of a relationship with Parker. But lets be honest here, if you saw this guy even if you're in a relationship your heart would be racing at the sight of him. He was an angel sent from heaven.

I had the strange desire to say a pick up line and if I had though -- that would've been really awkward since he didn't know me and all that. I continued listing good assets about him like his outfit was such a cute outfit -- it was a casual way that wasn't too fancy or like I was too lazy to dress so here's the what I just threw on. No, it was something that spoke I took my time but I didn't take that long to get dressed.

I must have been so lost in my thoughts since I felt a hit on my ear. I blinked and looked at him with shock evident in my eyes and then glared at him, "What the hell! What did you do that for, asshole?"

"Ah! and she still alive!" He smirked and then soon after added, "She's okay people! she's okay. Still alive." and may I just add, he said all that loudly and people turned around to give him weird glances like what the hell is wrong with this guy.

I smacked a palm to my forehead and growled, "Shut up."

He was embarrassing me! and bad enough, he had already crashed into me and now he had to embarrass me. Seriously dude, seriously; we don't even know each other and you actually have the guts to do this. My cheeks flushed red as people stared at me like I was such a poor girl for having to deal with that weirdo. I grabbed my bag and started to quickly walking away from the guy.

I didn't even last two seconds before I heard him walking after me and with that I broke into a sprint.

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