25 ways to annoy your teacher

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1# After your teacher is finished yelling at the class yell, ''Does someone need a hug!?''

2# When your teacher tells you to take a seat say, ''Take it where?''

3# When the teacher comes up behind you scream, "OMG GET AWAY! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

4# Spend the whole lesson trying to lick your elbow.

5# When someone knocks on the door shout, "OH NO, THEY'RE COMING FOR ME!"

6# Smile at them, like, all the time.

7# Watch them try not to look back at you.

8# When ever the teacher turns around get everyone to swap seats.

9# Turn your desk around every time the teacher turns around.

10# Start talking to no one when the teacher tells you to stop say, ''ITS THE VOICES! THERE BACK!'', then run out of the room.

11# Always show up one minute late.

12# When the teacher ask's a question put your hand up and say ''PICK ME ,PICK!'' If the teacher doesn't pick you then run out of the room crying ''NO BODY LOVES ME!''

13# Gasp dramatically if your teachers give any hint of a social life outside of school.

14# Come in crying then when they ask whats wrong start laughing madly .

15# Watch your teacher freak out.

16# Then yell at the class, ''I'LL DO IT! I'LL  KILL YOU ALL!'', stare at the teacher evilly and say '',but I'll leave you to last."

17#  Answer your cell phone when it rings in class and talk about how you're going to hide the body in the park tonight.

18# When you notice everyone looking at you say, '' WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?''

19# Scratch your butt and make loud noises of pleasure.

20# Say you can't answer any questions because of religious reasons.

21# Walk in to class in a batman outfit.

22# Try to make everyone believe that you are the real batman.

23# Speak in a robotic voice.

24# When a sub teacher tells you there names yell, ''HOW DO WE KNOW THAT WHO YOU REALLY ARE!?''

25# Refer to the sub teacher as Mr/Ms who-ever-you-really-are.

26# Drop your pencil every two minutes and every time ask your teacher for permission to pick it up first.  

27# When the teacher calls out your name for the morning roll, answer, "Shes/Hes Absent".

28#   Where sunglasses to class. 

29# Hug them every time you see them, no matter where you are. 

30# Pretend to be mute.

31# Pretend to be deaf.

32# Pretend to be blind.

33#Speak to your teacher only in rhymes.

34# Stand on the desk and try to touch the ceiling.

35# Imitate the teacher behind there back.

36#Sniff them as a greeting. [Attack On Titan fans knows whats up]

37# Ask them if they'd be willing to join a class conga line.

38# Bring a coloring book to class.

39# Color in your coloring book while singing Disney songs loudly.

40# Offer your teacher and class mates pages from coloring book.

41#Sneak into there bedroom at night with a Jeff the Killer mask.

42# When he wakes up, tell him to "go to sleep" in a quiet and calm voice.

43# Bring a flask of tea and a tea set to class and then proceed to pour yourself a cup of tea.

44# Then ask in a british accent if anyone else would like a cup.

45#  Tell your teacher that your parents taxes pay their salary and therefore they should do what you say.

46# Ask all your teachers if they're pregnant, even the male ones.

47# Send them links to porn sites through email.

48# Ask them if you they hate there job.

49# Repeat list.

50# Ask them if you they hate there job now.

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