"So justin who you dating right now?" Alfredo asked teasing me

I gave him a 'stop or you are dead' look

"Right now i ain't dating no one, single without problems why?" Justin said

"Curious because well Natsha, Ashley, Selena, Vanessa, and Taylor are the only one who aren't single.... Weird because all the guys in the group are single" alfredo said curious

"Yep very weird" justin said

"I don't get how such a beautiful girl could be dating such an asshole like David" Za said

"Are u talking to me?" I asked

It's obvious because my boyfriend is David so yep he is talking to me but why would he say that?

"Yes! How can u even be with him for a second?" Za asked

"I don't know! Maybe because I've been dating him for 4 years?" I said

"Was he loyal the 4 years you guys were dating?" Twist asked

"Yes" I said with confidence but it was slowly fading away as time passed

"Positive?" Justin asked joining to our conversation

I looked over to alfredo and Chaz and they had their eyes wide open

I gave them a 'what the hell is going on?!!' Look

They didn't say anything and they kept the same face they had

"Yes! You know what? Just tell me whatever you need to say! Right now!!!" I said a lil annoyed because they didn't go straight up to the point

"I'm sorry but we found out that umm" Za said while stoping and giving justin and twist a 'help!!' Look

"David isn't doing any photo shoot" justin said

"He is umm secretly hooking up with a girl in New York" twist added nervously

"What do you mean?" I asked feeling my stomach twist

"Yeah well he is going out with someone else at the same time he's dating you" za added

What?!! Are u kidding me? David right? No!! My boyfriend hooking up with a girl? I have such bad luck with love this is the second boyfriend that cheats on me!! No I can't believe it, I have to ask him if it's true

I took my phone out dialed his number

"Hey baby" David answered

"Where are you?" I tried sounding as normal and sweet as possible

"In New York doing my photo shoot like I told you" David chuckled

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Yes why?" David now sounded confused

Justin then showed me a picture that fans took of David kissing another girl in a restaurant and fans started posting on my twitter saying "brake up with him he's a douche" "what a jerk" "thot" "manwhore" which they were all true

"Check my twitter and see what you think" I snapped

I took a minute for him to answer me back

"Look those pictures are fake. It's not how it looks" David rushed his words

"Oh really? So you are telling me that the picture were you are kissing that little whore isn't what it looks like?" I laughed

"Let me explain you" David sounded like he was about to cry

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