Chapter 3

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We drove to the airport and my mom could only stay ‘til the security check.

“Call me whenever you want. And if there’s any fight between the directioners and beliebers, just let me know.” she said.

“Mom,I’m not going to be a snitch” I said, hugging her.

“What if you be a snitch, and I won’t keep a close eye between you and Niall?” she said.

“Deal! But mom, I’m 14, you shouldn’t worry about it.”

“Well, the lifesize Niall in your room gives me second thoughts.” she said.

“Next,” the man said.

“Gotta go! Love you mom!” She gave me one last peck on the cheek and walked away. I’m about to go to DC, miles away from mom..

It was 8:25, I still had thirty-five minutes before boarding, I walked to Ben and Jerry’s in the airport and got two scoops of Half-Baked- My favorite! I plugged in my earphones and listened to the Up All Night album.

My phone buzzed, It was a text from Lee.

Skype session time! Get your lazy butt online.

Yes! I was getting really bored so I went on my iPod - YES! FREE WIFI!- and called Lee.

“Heyyoo!” He said

“Hiiii! Look-Ben and Jerry’s!” I said

“Lucky! How long before your plain leaves?”

I checked the screen with the schedule.

“ten minutes ‘til boarding. But the good news is- It’s first class! And so I get free wifi!”

“First class? Lucky.”

“I guess so, I’ve never been on first class before.”

“Well there’s a first for everything, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! FIRST? FIRST CLASS?”

I laughed, he was so lame it was hilarious.

“You need to make better jokes” I laughed

“Haters gonna hate” He said.

“Zone One, prepare for Boarding!” A man said.

“Gotta go! Talk to you soon!” I said.

“Byee!”Lee said and I hung up.

I pulled my carry-on with me, thank God I didn’t have to drag that stupid luggage all the way.

“Hello Miss, Boarding pass?”

I gave him my boarding and entered. It was a double- plane. Which meant it had two stories! Awesome, I had to go up the stairs to first class, and the first thing I saw was a .. CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! oh my god...

“This is awesome..” I muttered

“You should see the food” A flight attendant said.

She was really pretty, her blonde hair was in a bun and she had light blue eyes.

“Melanie.” She said, shaking my hand

“Pheobe.” I said.

Ah, the winner of the competition, she smiled! Follow me,” she said.

She took me to seat 1-D. Ah, I see what they did there. And the terminal was 1D too, wow.

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