Chapter 6: Date Night

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India Pov:

Okay so Harry and I are now dating! And he is planning on taking me somewhere special tonight! I'm more excited than ever!

Harry Pov:

Well yesterday was practically the best day of my life . I had the best time with India , she is absolutely perfect. Today I'm planning on taking her somewhere special.

*** in car ***

"Where are you taking me?" I asked Harry.

"You'll see." he responded.

We soon arrived to a small restaurant about 10 miles from my place. I could smell the food being grilled

From here.

"It's no where special, but I think you'll like it" he said.

We sat at a table near the windows, where the sun was shining on our faces. The waitress took our order, I got grilled chicken , steak , and a baked potato. When our food came out I tried to eat nice and slow but failed! I was done in about 3 minutes. We waited for Harry to finish and then headed to the park for a nice walk. I could barely breathe from ll the food I ate, especially in these tight jeans. And of course ice cream, we got about 5 mins and there was a stand with a long line if little kids.

" Would you like some? " he asked

"Sure, chocolate please." I quickly responded.

He got our ice cream and we sat down next to the fountain near the bench. He put his arm around me and starred at me for a few seconds. He gently cupped my face , slowly leaned in and had a nice passionate kiss..

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