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I apologize if this chapter sucks

Ch. 3

I sat down on my couch and picked Meredith up and put her on the couch beside me. I smiled as she began purring and rubbed up against my hand. I loved this cat so much. Kaitlin got her for my birthday a few years back and she's been with me ever since. She's a sweet cat, she loves everyone. She's also really playful and did I mention adorable? Oh god I'm going to be a cat lady for the rest of my life. I scratched the top of her head and let out a sigh as I flipped through Netflix on my TV. Safe haven? Nope I've seen it 6 times. The host? Also seen it to many times. Love actually? Ha ha nope. Supernatural? Not feeling it tonight. I finally decided just to watch the vampire diaries. I got through about half an episode before I found myself bored out of my mind. I picked up a book and tried to read, but I couldn't focus. My mind kept drifting to outfits I could wear to Joes...

I sat my book down and put my iPhone on the dock. I turned on Pandora and put it on my favorite station, two door cinema club. Oh my gosh their songs are absolutely perfect. I've always wanted to see them in concert but I've never had the chance. Maybe mom will finally get me tickets for Christmas. Probably not, wishful thinking. I stood in front of my closet as I contemplated what to wear. As soon as I saw the plumb dress I knew it as perfect. I pulled it out of my closet along with a pair of black heels and laid the outfit on my bed. It was nice and flirty and it was perfect for a casual dinner. I made my way to my bathroom and brushed on a bit of make-up and ran a brush through my hair. I was one of those lucky people who had hair that was absolutely naturally perfect. It was long, black and wavy and I never had to worry about it being frizzy.

I slipped on the plumb dress and heels and stood in front of my full length mirror brushing out the creases. I have to admit, I looked hot. I slipped on my black blazer and grabbed my purse. On my way out I kissed Meredith head laughing when she meowed at me.


I stepped out of the cab and handed the driver enough money to cover the bill. I shut the door watching as he drove off then looked around my surroundings. It was pitch black out and the streets were full of people. Ive never been to this part of new York before. Ive never had a reason to. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and made my way across the street to Joes bar. Once I stepped inside all I could hear was the sound of a man singing. It was a beautiful sound. Husky but smooth, rich and it just sort of made you warm and fuzzy inside. It sounded so familiar too...

After a moment I recognized the song. It was hello goodbye by the Beatles. But the Beatles weren't singing it.... I pushed my way through the crowd until I found the source of the sound. Kaden was standing on the stage singing. I couldn't help the small giggle that escaped my lips. He was really good actually. He was even playing the piano along with the song. I stood where I was bopping my head along with the beat of the music. I'm actually glad I came. Maybe this will be fun. Maybe he's a good guy unlike other guys. He's apologized twice, so that automatically puts him ahead of any other guy I've ever met. Maybe fairy tales can actually come true...

I watched him closely as his fingers slid across the keys of the piano. It came so naturally to him. God this man is talented. His eyes were scanning across the room and he grinned when his eyes landed on a woman. A woman that wasn't me. I watched in disgust as he winked at her and she winked back.... You have got to be kidding me. I shook my head letting out a scoff as I stormed out of the bar. Of course he had to shatter every decent thought I ever had about him. He was a player just like the rest of them. As I made my way outside and down the street I realized the temperature had drastically dropped. Fantastic. I wrapped my blazer tighter around me trying to fight off the cold.

Of course he was a player. Fairy tales don't exist. Nice men don't exist. Not here anyway. I couldn't help the tears that suddenly stung my eyes. Why was I crying? Did I honestly think he was any different that the other guys who've asked me out. I realize suddenly that I did think he was different. Which was really stupid of me. That's what I get for getting my hopes up.

I looked around my surroundings and grained realizing I was completely lost. I looked up and down the streets not seeing a single person. I'm going to die, I thought suddenly. I'm going to get robbed and murdered. I made my way down the street towards what looked like boat docks and held my purse closely at my side. When I reached the docks I pulled my phone from my pocket and tried to turn it on. The screen stayed black. Seriously?! This is turning out to be the worst night of my life. I should have stayed home. I sighed in frustration and ran my fingers through my hair as I leaned against the railing by the water. That's when I felt it move. It must have been old and rusted because it gave way under my weight.

I screamed out as I fell into the freezing water with a loud splash. I really am going to die. Not by a robbery but by drowning. I kicked and thrashed around in the water as my lungs burned for air. But I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried. I looked down and realized my dress was caught on a rock. This is it. The last thing I'm going to see. Its not that bad really. Once you get past the feeling of your lungs on fire. Its actually very peaceful. The slight rocking motion and the silence. I could feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier as the water began to fill my lungs. I looked up towards the surface just so I could see the moon one last time. Instead of seeing the moon I saw those blue eyes and hands outstretched towards me. Then the world went black.

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