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*Amaya’s P.O.V.*

I bit my lip and looked down. “Alright let’s see what you guys got.” Kelly said and looked at them. I could tell that on the inside she was freaking out.

They nodded and signal the dj to start the music. The music started and they started dancing flawlessly. I died inside. I tried looking at all of them but I couldn’t take my eyes off Mikey.

He was flawless when he danced, who am I kidding he’s flawless all of the time. The things I would do for that boy. Fuck Amaya what’s wrong with you.

You promised yourself you couldn’t fall in love no matter what. Maybe it’s time to break a little promise. Who am I kidding that’s the biggest promise. “Amaya!” I heard somebody yell. “Huh? What?” I looked at Josy. She pointed to the boys.

“Oh uh, hey.” They laughed. I shook my head. “You guys did great!” I smiled. Maybe if I would of focus and didn’t zone out I would of known what they danced. “NEXT!” I heard the security yell.

They rushed out and the next person came in. “Hi!” I said cheerfully. She smiled and looked down. She has blonde hair then went down to her shoulders. She gave me the papers and got in position. I nodded at the dj to start. She was freaking amazing!

Holy crap!

She finished and she was out of breath. I stood up and clapped along with Kelly and Josy. “That was great Mallory!” I said and looked at her. “Thank you!” She yelled as she was being rushed by security. I think I know who to pick. But I had to get through more still. I sighed. ~A few hours later~ I got up exhausted.

Today was tiring. "Ms. Josy?” I heard somebody said and looked over. “Yes?” Josy said and she walked over. I shrugged and went to the middle of the room to stretch.

“WHAT?!” Josy yelled. I looked up and it looked like she was arguing with my mom. What the fuck. She ran over. “The tour! Starts Monday!” I looked at her to see any signs of lying. I didn’t. I stood up furiously. “What?! It’s not until 2 more weeks Josy!” I ran over to my mom.

“Mom?!” I looked at her. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t! The tour is sold out! We had to add more dates!” I couldn’t believe this. I have exactly 5 days to learn my choreography, and rehearse everything. I laid on the floor frustrated. “Get To Be One, Daniela, and Mallory in here.” I said and sat up.

I bit the inside of my cheek. About 5 minutes later they all came in. I stood up. They all looked at me. “Here’s the deal.. you all are apart of the tour starting from now.”

They all cheered and hugged each other.

“But..” I said and they all stopped.

“Um.. it starts Monday and we have to learn everything in 5 days.” I said really fast. I doubt anyone understood me. They all looked at each other. “We’ll do anything we have to do.” Louis said. A

w look at his cheeks! Oh my god I want to pinch them. OH MY GOSH.

Stop Amaya. Breathe.

I heard all yeahs and agree. I smiled.

“Thank you guys, now lets do a group hug!” I said. They didn’t move. I looked at them confused. “The security guards told us not to touch you or we’ll suffer the consequences.” Madison said and laughed.

I rolled my eyes.

“You’re part of the team, come on.” I said. They all gave me a hug, and Mikey was the first. I could get used to this. I smiled to myself.

~The next day at rehearsal~

We’ll we’ve been going at it night and day. They haven’t once let me down yet. I’m glad I picked To Be One, Mallory and Daniela. And my crush you say?

We’ll he always looks flawless and when he sweat oh my god.



The music started. Left, right, up, down, pause. I repeated the steps in my head. “Now! For dear no one, your final song.” I looked at the choreographer.

He looked at all the boys.

“YOU!” I shut my eyes. “You’re gonna be her love interest! You both have to pretend you’re in love!” I looked at who I had to pretend with.

And to my surprise it was Mikey.

PRAISE THE LORD. “I don’t have to pretend.” I whispered to myself and heard Kelly giggle. I gave her a look and smiled. Mikey came up beside me and smiled.

“Hi.” He whispered. I looked down. “Now hold her like this!” My choreographer looked at him and he put his arms around my waist. Oh my god. I’m gonna die.

“Get closer!” I bit the inside of my lip. Our lips are almost touching. He’s eyes are shining. “Just like that! Now kiss!” I looked over at Josy then back at Mikey. He was smirking.

I leaned in.. should I or not? 


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