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Pen Your Pride

The Accident

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chapter 4: The Accident

"Just take me home."
"Fine but I'm staying there with you."
"No. DONT come near me."
"Because I'm mad at you and I want to be alone."
"Why are you mad? Tell me."

She pulls on the main road and drives slowly, looking at me every once in a while. I dont respond. "Chris just talk to me." She says really sadly. "Because i love you." I say, barely a whisper. She obviously caught that because her eyes widen and she just says 'Oh'.

She drives in silence. I dont know if she feels the same. "Did you hear me?" I ask, hoping she didnt. "Yes, i did." she says quietly. "And how do you feel about me." I ask, slurring my words a bit.

"I feel nothing Chris. You really hurt me. I cried for 3 days straight, and I'm still driving your drunk ass home. I don't know what I did. I really dont. That thing about me liking Joey Falof was a fucking coverup for who im really in love with." She says pissed off.

"FINE YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE, SO JUST DONT EVEN BOTHER WITH ME. YOU HURT ME AND NOW IM GOING TO HURT YOU." and without thinking, being the drunk asshole that i am, i grab the wheel and turn it.

I hear her scream. We skid, and then we crash. We hit right into a tree on the main road. Right before i go unconsious, I see a big gash going down the side of her face, and I feel my legs being crushed by this door. The last thing before i go unconscious that i remember was whispering "Im sorry".


5 hours later.


I see her being lifted up into the ambulance and shes unconscious. She has an oxygen mask on her. I'm still in the car. They're sawing away the car to get my legs out.

I see red and blue lights, my parents, Charlottes parents, lots of ambulances, and I see my classmates standing around watching.

They finally get me out and i try to run over to Charlotte, but i collapse. I cant move. "Charlotte.." I say barely a word, before i go unconscious again.



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