Tori's POV:.

"Am I supposed to be this fat at only 3 months?" I asked, walking into the kitchen. My eyes were focussed on my overly-large stomach. I only glanced up when I heard Niall's voice fill my ears.

"I don't know, we'll book an appointment for tomorrow." He spoke. I noticed him wearing training shorts and a tank top. I tilted my head to the side, watching him rush around the kitchen. He popped an apple in his mouth, grabbed his keys and walked past me to the door. I raised and eyebrow and crossed my arms on top of my large stomach. He opened the front door and turned so he was now facing me so he could close it. His eyes found mine. He took the apple from his mouth and as if reading my mind, "Sorry, I have to go back to work. I haven't been in a while," I nodded. "I'm surprised I still have the jo-"

"Niall just go." I laughed. He nodded.

"Right. I'll see you later, don't go anywhere and be careful!" He called before shutting the door.

My fingers played with my lips as a small smile crept onto them. It's good to know his caring attitude is still there. It made my heart flutter really. I looked around and sighed. My phone buzzed in my pocket, catching my attention I took it out and unlocked it. More messages.

'Why would anyone want to fuck you? Your hideous!'

'I can't believe he hasn't left you yet. Anyways, it'll probably happen.'

'He'll leave you just like everybody else did.'

I froze, reading the last one over and over again. He'll leave you. Those words circled my head. I blinked and looked around the room once more, making sure to get a grip on the bench. Were they true? Was he really going to leave me?

He's done it before. So why wouldn't he do it again...

I suddenly felt all of my feelings shut down, my heart crumbling. He's left me before. He actually walked away and left. I closed my eyes, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. I could just be over-exaggerating. I need to take my mind on things.

Just as I thought that, my phone buzzed. I groaned, looking at the screen. A frown formed on my face when I saw it wasn't a Facebook message. I tilted my head to the side to read the name, only it was labelled 'Unknown Number'. I frowned and unlocked the phone, reading the text.

'Is this Tori?.. Please be.'

I replied to the message, saying a simple 'yes'.

'Oh thank god. It's Lucy, the girl from the pregnancy clinic?'

I gasped to myself and wrote back a reply.

'Oh my gosh! Lucy! How are you? Is anything wrong?'

'I'm... I don't really know. I need to talk to you. Can we meet up somewhere?'

'Of course! Can you meet me at Motor Café?'

'Sure. I'll see you soon.'

I shut off my phone and half-jogged into my room, grabbing my handbag and a scarf before walking towards the door. I know Niall told me to stay here, but I need to see Lucy. She needs to see me, and I promised her I'll be there for her.

I stepped into the cold air, shivering as I pulled my trench coat closer to myself. I waddled down the porch steps and onto the pathway, walking quickly to the café. I'm glad I work there, otherwise I wouldn't know where to go. But within 5 minutes, I was already out the front of the small building.

Rubbing my hands together for warmth, I opened the door and walked inside, listening to the small bell that went off. It wasn't busy today, at all, but I noticed the familiar girl sitting across the room at a two-seated table. I walked towards her, watching as she fiddled with her fingers just like she did when I first met her.

"Lucy..?" I questioned quietly. She shot up, looking me straight in the eye. A small smile graced her fragile face.

"Hi." She spoke quietly. I took a seat opposite to her, giving her concerned looks.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She sighed.

"I want an abortion." She croaked quietly. I stiffened. I was always against abortions, why take away a life for a mistake you caused?


"I want this Tori. I know you'll probably hate me after this, but I really, really need this. I won't be able to look at my child, it'll hurt me too much and bring back unwanted memories. You're lucky enough to have the Father with you.." She cut me off, as if knowing what I was going to say. I sighed, running a hand through my hair.

"But what if later on you regret it?" I snapped slightly. Her eyes saddened. "I'm sorry.." I mumbled. She sighed.

"I know I won't regret it, I'll never be able to love the baby if I see the face of him in theirs." She said. It sounded cruel, but she had a reason. I wouldn't want to either, but I still wouldn't get an abortion.

"I don't like abortions. I never have and never will. But if this is what you really want, and I can understand because of the cause of your pregnancy." I said, closing my eyes. It made me sick at my words. I was actually agreeing to this...

"I just needed to tell someone, to get their opinion on it. I'm sorry if it upset you, but there was no one else..." She sniffed. I nodded.

"It's fine Lucy, really." I reassured her. "Let's just forget about it for the time being and order some hot chocolates?" I suggested, trying to lift the mood. She smiled and nodded her head.


I'm sorry this is a boring chapter, but there's going to be dramas ahead! Not involving Lucy if that's what you're thinking, no. This is between two very important people mwahahah... well actually it'd be three. ANYWAY ENOUGH HINTS,

how is everyone?


-not proof read btw-

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