Chapter 6

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*Mia's P.O.V.*

We were at the lake (Yes I know I originally said pool but I wanted the lake instead) and it was nearly empty, other then the few little kids running around. Mostly everyone else probably would have chosen to go to the pool instead, but we are weird, and I like us this way.

Me and Jane lied down our towels well Scott and Akiva just threw down their stuff and ran into the water like little kids. I took off my Daisy Dukes and tank top and lied down on my towel, Jane doing the same. Her bikini was black and white and in my prospective, a vine patern. She was also wearing back and white sunglasses and back and white DC's (Ike sneakers at the lake???). My bikini has a royal blue sequence top and a royal blue and sky blue stripped bottoms. I also had royal blue sunglasses and white flip flops with pink writing on them. (External Link)

"Hey Mia?" Jane turned towards me.


"Do you like anyone? You know, other then a guy from New Jersey?" She asked, her eyes flickering between me and the guys while they were playing in the water.

"Well, actually. I think I just might....Maybe....Just a tiny bit...." I looked down at the ground, "maybelikescott." I whispered really quickly.

"Ohhhhh!" She screamed, sitting up on her towel.

"Wait. You actually heard that?" A asked while sitting up too.

"Oh hell yeah, I got skills!" She smirked.

"Ya? Well I got ninja skills." I said while doing a 'ninja' pose.

"Well you know what else I got?"

"What else you got...Wait...I DON'T NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS...I'M TOO YOUNG!!!" I screamed covering my eyes with my hands, earning us a few funny looks.

"NOT LIKE THAT!!!" She playfuly smacked my arm, "But I do have a mouth."

"Um, the first thing that popped into my mind probably wasn't what you were thinking...What doe-" I cut my  self off, noticing the evil smile that had spread across her face. "No! No! No no no no no no no no no!" I said while getting up off the ground, chasing after her as she had started running towards the water.

"Scottie! Scottie!" She shouted, just barley touching the water before I tackled her to the ground.

I looked up to see the guys haven't even taken notice to me tackling her.

"Don't call me that!" Scott said calmly, not taking his attention off of tossing a water ball back and forth with Akiva.

I sat there for almost 10 minutes holding her from running and holding her mouth so she couldn't shout it when  the guys came over. Scott had a questioning face. Probably about why I was holding down my best friend and holding her mouth shut in 3 inches of water, and Akiva just when straight to trying to pry me off of her.

"Get off my girl-

I mean get off Jane!!!" Scott looked over at Akiva, put his hand on Akiva's sholder and shook his head.

"You can't cover it up bro." I laughed, not really paying much attention to Jane anymore. I felt something warm and wet glide across the palm of my hand.

I looked over at her and shook my head. "You should know that by now, that doesn't gross me out anymore." I stuck my tongue at her. She giggled then bit down on my hand and I screamed, pulling my right hand back and holding it with my left.

She took advantage of this and threw my off of her. Standing up she grabbed Scott's hand, who was too confused to object, and ran, dragging him behind her.

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