"He's lying." A voice, I'm more familiar with than I should be, interrupts our laughter. I see Harry's eyes widen and Niall's as well. I turn and see who they're staring at. I clench my jaw as he walks towards us, Zayn.

"He makes an appearance!" Harry laughs from behind me. I turn to him with confusion and he answer my confused thought, "He's usually in his room, or with a girl, we rarely actually see him during a party." Of course that's why, Zayn walks to the group.

"Niall is lying to you. He can sing." Zayn pats Niall's back and Niall pretends to be a flattered girl.

"Oh my gosh Zayn, you just complimented me." Niall bats his eye lashes up at Zayn and I can't help but laugh at the scene. Zayn smirks at Niall and pulls up a chair to join us.

"Why don't you play us a good song mate?" Zayn suggests. Niall nods and begins strumming a tune, a recognizable tune by Ed Sheeran. Sarah squeals and claps her hands together, the perfect little cheerleader. I see it give Niall a confident boost as his smile brightens.

I glance at Zayn who watches Niall. I felt oddly uncomfortable; he was acting like he hadn't taken my chemistry book, acting like he didn't not see me, acting as if we were just two random people at a party. Which it felt like at the moment.

"So Zayn what made you come out of your little cave for the night?" Harry asks lightly. We leave Niall and Sarah to their little romantic musical night. I turn my attention to Zayn, at the moment I don't feel angry at him. Well slightly when I remember I'm holding my chemistry book. 

He scoots closer and his knee touches my leg. I feel the burning sensation and my body warm. I pull my legs away and he notices as a ghost of a smile appears on his lips.

"Just thought a change of pace might be fun." Zayn shrugs, he glances at my chemistry book and then me. "You brought a chemistry book?" my anger comes back just like that, his mocking smirk. I narrow my eyes and he just stares back, challenging me to say something.

"Yeah I haven't gotten a lot of studying done, some jerk thought it might be fun to take the book." I say calmly.

"Someone took your chemistry book?" Harry laughs next to me. I smile over at him and shake my head.

"Yeah, someone." I laugh. If only he knew it was the guy who was sitting right next to us with a frown plastered on his face.

"Wow that person must be a real bloke to want your chemistry book." Harry holds back his laughter and examines my book. I shoot a look to Zayn who has his jaw clenched. I was able to see the tense muscles in his jaw and neck.

"Hey lads!" A light British musical voice calls to us. He has light brown hair, styled in a faux hawk, and very light blue eyes almost like Sarah's. He makes his way over to us.

"Louis!" Harry stands up to greet him. He smiles and sits back down, offering a chair to Louis.

"Niall's singing again?" Louis glances at Niall who gives him a nod.

"Yeah Zayn asked him to." I speak up.

"And who might you be?" Louis smiles at me in way that makes me want to giggle. "You're a taste of a thing." He smiles at me, his voice playful and light.

"Thanks." I laugh. "I'm Juliet." I offer my hand out to him, "You can call me Jules though."

"Louis." He shakes my hand. "Say Jules, you got a boyfriend?" He smirks at me.

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" Zayn's voice barks from behind me. I widen my eyes at the rudeness of his tone. We all turn to him, Niall stops playing his guitar, it's silent as we stare Zayn. He clears his throat and raises an eyebrow, "Well?" Louis smirks and gives a gentle laugh.

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