Chapter 1 (introduction)

"Come on your are gonna be late for

school." My mom yelled from downstairs.

Oh I have to wake up again ...well yeah..I moved my body out of bed took a hot shower and kissed my posters (Yeah I kiss them every day okay.) and headed down stairs to have my breakfast.

Oh I almost name is Sarah I'm 17 years old I live with my mom and my annoying brother Justin (jk I love him ) in LA ,California .

My parents are divorced. Well I hate talking about it but things got well and it's okay now .I guess..

Well I forgot to tell you the most important thing about me...I'm a directioner ..problem ?

I really like one direction they changed my life and they are just perfect ..

Words can't really describe them, they are,
Better Than Words.

Well, Christmas is here this is my last week of school I'm so happy and excited for the holidays I mean ...who is not?

But I'm excited for something else because my mom told me that she got for me a really special Christmas present this year. and I'm dying to know what she got for me.


"Good Morning mom." I said. she gave me a warm smile "Good morning sweetie! Did you sleep well?" 

"Yeah pretty much."

We had a little talk and then she asked me to go wake up Justin ..God that was my worst nightmare, he is a heavy sleeper.

I walked up to his room, opened the door and God the room was so dirty. Books were scattered here and there, and there were clothes all around the room.

"Justin , wake up." I said and removed the blanket.

"JUSTIN, WAKE UP!" I shouted louder this time.

"Okay...okay, I'm awake. "

I walked out of his room , running  to my room to get ready for school and start my day.



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