First Day Luck

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Jaylee woke to the sound of chirping birds.

This was odd, considering my last home was in the city. . No birds there. Unless you count pigeons as birds.

I looked over at the clock and it read 5:45 A.M. I groaned.

Wait, today's the first day of senior high! I thought.

I jumped out of my warm bed and onto the freezing cold floor.

Man, I need to convince mom to buy some carpet.

I sighed. If I was going to look perfect for today, I would have to get up NOW.

I walked to the bathroom, and started the shower water. Our water system wasn't in a very good state due to the cold weather, so if I wanted hot water I would have wait awhile...

I brushed my teeth and combed my messy chestnut hair from its tangles. By then the water was completely warm. I stripped my pajamas and hopped in the shower. The hot streams of water felt amazing on my achey back. Let me just say, riding in the car for seven hours is NOT my idea of fun.

I finished washing my hair and body and got out of the shower wrapping a towel around my head and my body.

I walked over to my closet to find something to wear, only to find it was deserted from any clothing, whatsoever.

Oh yeah! My suitcase!

Since I was positively sure about there being clothes in my luggage, I walked over to it and unzipped a big pocket. I reached in and pulled out my favorite teal blue blouse and faded jean skirt. I sniffed it to make sure it was clean, and It triggered my gag reflux.

Not clean. Deffinetly NOT clean!

I gulped in some fresh air from the other side of the room. "That's what I get for forgetting to unpack last night." I mumbled.

Guess that means laundry when I get home. .

I kept digging through it till I found my, second to favorite, black and red striped sweater and my dark jean skirt.

"This'll have to do. . " I said as I laid them flat on my bed.

Plus they smell nice!

Shush, conscience!!

I flipped my towel off my head and let my hair finish air drying. If I dried it with a hair dryer, It would be a frizzy mess.

I combed through it one last time and ran to the bathroom to put on some make up.

Usually, I'm not much of a 'go all out' person with make up. Most of the time, if I wear any at all, I just go with mascara, concealer, powder, and maybe lip stick, mostly chap stick though.

This time I wanted to make a good impression, so I put on some of my extra volumizing mascara, with a brown and white smoky eye, eye shadow.

In past experiences, everyone always told me smoky eye makes my bright blue eyes 'pop'.

I put some concealer on under my eyes and around my nose, covered my face with some foundation, and I even added a little bronzer around my cheekbones to make them more pronounced. Lastly, I covered it all with some powder. I finished my look with some natural lip gloss with sparkles in it.

I quickly slipped my clothes on and smoothed out my skirt.

I looked at myself in my full length mirror. . I looked good. Really good, but something was missing. . .

I looked at my bare feet and I wiggled my toes. I giggled.

I might want to get some shoes. . .

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