Chapter 8

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Hello! Okay so if you guys comment on my chapters and I don't respond don't think I didn't read it. I just usually go through them on my iPod and the whole comment thing is a little glitchy. Okay so on with the story!

Chloe's POV

I don't know how long I was siting there drawing, but if must have been a long time because soon enough I heard a car engine behind me. But I was to engrossed in my drawing to turn around. I was drawing a beautiful girl looking in the mirror and seeing an ugly replica of herself. Then I caption it "you'd be surprised what's hidden on the inside." As I'm shading the girls hair someone clears their throat behind me. I jump startled and almost drop my drawing in the pond. He chuckles a deep sexy chuckle. I quickly shut the notebook and turn around to face him. I stand up. He's smirking at me.

"What are you drawing there?" he points at the closed notebook. I blush.

"Uh, j-just a drawing. Nothing special." Great I stuttered, now he'll think I'm nervous. I mean I am, but I'd like him not to know.

"Well, it sure looks like something."

"Maybe it is, but it's not anything important to you." I respond.

"I think you're forgetting the fact that I could easily push you in the pond if you don't show me." he smirks. Oh no, he wouldn't dare. My eyes go big staring at him in shock.

"You have five seconds to give it to me." He wouldn't dare! He wouldn't fucking dare!

"Five." he takes a step closer to me.

"Four." another step.

"Three." he's right in front of me.

"Two." I can feel his hot breath on my face. I don't know why but its making me feel uncomfortable, in a good way. My heart is racing as I look up into his eyes. His handsome face is nothing compared to mine. Sara is delusional for thinking he could ever want me. A smirk still playfully on his lips as I see him look at my full lips.

"One." I see his hands start to move from his sides, and I immediately give him the notepad feeling embarrassed about what he'll think of it. I'm horrible at drawing so I don't know what he'll say. He looks at me confused as I shove the notebook at his chest. He takes it from me and flips to the page my drawing was on. I watch him as his eyes start popping out of his head. And his mouth falls open. His expression is really funny looking, but i couldn't laugh because I didn't know what this meant. Is it really that bad?

"Damn," he mumbles under his breath. I felt my face heat up in embarrassment. I look down at my feet and start rocking back and fourth.

"Chloe, this is really good." he sounds flustered. I look up at him with one of my eyebrows raised. But he's still staring at the drawing.

"Really? I'm a terrible artist." I say sounding as surprised as he does. He finally looks up at me, but he is shaking his head.

"No, no you are not a terrible artist! This is amazing!" he gushes over my drawing. Well this seems a little out of character for him. I don't get it. The drawing isn't that good.

"Okay, no need to make me feel better about myself. The only reason I even showed you was because I didn't want to get shoved in the pond. The drawing isn't that go-" as I'm rambling on about how my drawing sucks I didn't even notice Marshall lifting his arms up to push me in. The next thing I know I'm falling backward. I'm so shocked I don't even let out a scream or anything I just fall into the water. The cold water hits my face and goes into my eyes and mouth as my arms flail around to get me to the surface.

As I reach the surface I spit water out of my mouth and rub my eyes. Then I look up at Marshall and see him trying not to crack up. I glare at him, and then he starts laughing. He's laughing so hard he is clutching his sides. His laugh is amazing and his smile is so adorable. Stop it Chloe! This guy just pushed you in a pond! He's still laughing when I get an amazing idea. His eyes are closed from his fit of laughter so he doesn't notice me swimming to the dock. He is standing at the edge of the pond hunched over laughing. I grab his arms that are on his knees and pull him in. He falls on top of me and that pushes me down.

As we resurface I look over at Marshall and burst out laughing. He first had a look of shock, but it quickly changed into anger. I swam away from him still laughing when he says.

"You did not just do that. You did not just fucking do that!" I laugh even harder.

"Hey, paybacks a bitch." I call over my shoulder still laughing as I swim to the dock. Before I can reach the dock I feel someone grab my foot and pull me toward them. I gasp in surprised as I'm engulfed my muscular arms. Marshall holds me tight, and my heart immediately exhilarates. He turns me around and I am forced to look straight into his eyes. My breath hitches as I look into his baby blue eyes. His lips have a little smile on it making his whole face seem brighter and more handsome.

"Well, if paybacks a bitch you wouldn't mind if I did this." he pushes me under water but I grab his shirt and he goes down with me. When I feel the air on my face I open my eyes and see him slightly below me. So, as he swims up I jump on his shoulders which makes him fall backwards. I jump off his shoulders before I go down completely and swim to the shore. As I get out of the water I look back at him and see him almost at the shore. He gives me a glare and says.

"Just you wait, Chloe. I'll get you back for that."

"I'd like to see you try." I smirk. Then I turn on my heel and walk to his mansion.

Marshall's POV

Damn, this girl. When I held her in the water I wanted to kiss her so badly. But I knew that would be a bad idea so I came up with some lame ass excuse to push her in the water instead. But I don't understand why I feel so much for this girl. I haven't felt like this in a long time, and it made me uneasy. And that drawing she drew was beautiful. I don't get why she said it sucked it was one of the best drawings I've seen. I pushed her in the water because she thought that her drawing was bad, and I wanted her to see it wasn't, but I never got to say that to her.

As I watch her walk away I start following her. She walks into my house, and I follow her in. By the time I'm in the house I hear the running water of a shower. I sigh and go up the stairs to my room to get out of these wet clothes. As I get to my dresser I pull out a clean white shirt and sweatpants. As I take my shirt off I hear the shower stop. It meant nothing to me at the time, but when I took my jeans off I hear the door creek open. I turn around to see Chloe wearing a towel to cover her body. She blushes insanely.

"Uh, do you happen to have any other clothes?" She asks. Then she looks at me and realizes I'm in my underwear. She immediately starts backing away into the bathroom.

"Sorry, I'll ask later." She says closing the door.

"No, it's fine." I say putting my shirt on. I go to my dresser and pull out a black shirt and boxers. I walk over and give then to her. She accepts them still blushing and looks down at her feet.

"Thanks." she whispers.

"Don't mention it." I reply as I watch her shut the door, and I hear it lock.

Another chapter for you all. I like this chapter, and I thought it was kind of cute. And I know Marshall can't swim, but I thought of that after I wrote this so just live with it. Okay, now you can vote an comment and do whatever you guys do.

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