Chapter 4:Julianna's P.O.V

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Julianna's P.O.V.

I ran up to my crush Sam.

"Oh hello Julianna", Sam says smiling.

"Hey Sam", I say.

"So how are you", Sam asks.

"I'm good what about you", I ask.

"I'm doing well", Sam says.

We talk and walk for a bit longer but then he has to go help in his father's butchery shop so it's just me walking. I sigh. I needed to find my sisters I didn't like walking alone very much because I felt ver much so out of place.

I was the oddball in the group with my sisters. As in Sage was fierce, Dakota was a warrior, Aura was sweet yet vicious, and Dani well Dani she was the loyal leader. What was I? I was the the girl in the corner...the odd one out.

No! I thought to myself. I was the bitch. I smiled to myself I always took that as a compliment. Eventually I gave up looking for the girls and headed home before it got dark. Well because if I didn't find them I was not about to walk home in the dark...Alone. So I headed home alone. But at least it wasn't dark right? RIGHT?!

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