My new chance for life

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Chapter 8:"Tears"

I wake up, my head hurts like if one thousand elephants stomped my head. I look around and I can only see black spots.

I hear a deep voice I can't recognize. Suddenly someone is wrapping me I can't see who is because my eyes are still not able to focus.

I close my eyes count to ten and then open them. I see there's a guy sitting on a chair next to me but he is not only a guy he is Josh Hutcherson no he can't be Josh I must be dreaming.

Me:"Am I dreaming?" he comes closer and touches my face. I see him closely and I am sure he is Josh Hutcherson Josh:"No you are not dreaming (YN)".

Josh Hutcherson knows my name no I don't think so Me:"Why you know my name? this just can't be real". Josh:"(YN) This is real and yeah I know your name".

My mind is just spinning like crazy questions are popping in my head. Me:"But how you know my name the two times I haave seen you I haven't had the chance to talk to you".

Josh takes somenthing from a backpack Josh:"Well the other day t the premiere I found this" he gives it to me and it's my book Me:"My book but how you knew it was mine".

Josh:"Because when I was infront of you I saw it" I rember the exact time when I  stnd still infront of Josh Me:"Oh I remember".

I really want to ask him if he read it because if he he will be like the rest of the people in  my school that think I'm the girl with the most sad life.

Me:" Josh can I ask you somenthing?" Josh:"You are free to ask" Me:""Did you read my book?" I hve to wait minutes forn his answer Josh:"Well I wanted to give it to you right away but I just couldn't I didn't knew where you live".

Me:"So you read it" no no wht he'll be thinking of me the mute girl who also wanted to suicide and her life is  living hell.

I stand up I see I'm at a small room and there's door  so I start running tears all over my eyes and open the door I see the beach so I keep running. I hear footsteps behind me but I can't stop running now Joshua Ryan Hutcherson knows my miserable life and he would feel sorry for my life.

Some strong arms wrap me. I turn around and see Josh why he came for me? Josh:"Why did you run?" I can't nswer him I will be more embarassed Me:"I..I didn't want you well anyone to read my book".

Josh:"But why?" I see his deep hazel eyes giving me a sad look Me:"Because you will feel like everyone else" Josh:"I don't understand you what you mean by feeling like everybody else?".

He  takes his hands to my face and wipes my tears Me:"Well you will feel sorry for my life". Josh." I don't feel sorry for you".

Me:"Then what you think about the girl who's life is a living hell?" He wraps his arms around me I feel his heat that warms me up.

I shouldn't have said that I feel so weird about expressing my emotions before Josh. Me:"I'm sorry I shouldn't have treat you like that I think I must be leaving now my friend Kate must be worried oh and thanks for the book".

Josh:"Please don't go" he gives me another sad look Me:"But I have to" Josh:"Please let me buy you a coffee" Me:"But it has to be quick Kate must be preoccupied.

Josh takes my hand and we start walking. Josh:"I assure you it will be pretty quick" I give him a smile.

Josh's POV:

Now she is not only a memory I have her right next to me. I'm now with the mute girl the girl who her beauty and personality has stole my heart.

I don't want to let her go but I can't take her if she doesn't want it. I give her shy smiles and admire her beauty, her big green eyes and blonde hair.

As we enter the cfe nd sit on table for two I wnat to ask her lots of questions Me:"Well (YN) tell me about you?"

YN:"Before I answer your question I have to ask somenthing?" Me:"Well beauty ask me" her cheeks are now red YN:"Well how you got here" I knew what to answer I think this will be the start of  new chapter in my life.

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