Chapter 13

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"Hello" I say into the phone. "Hi, Beunka." It's not my mother! It is a strange voice, that I have never heard before. I reply, "Um, Hi. Who is this?" "My name is Amanda, Amanda Watts" She says. "Why do you have my mum's phone, Amanda?" I say. "I found it on the side of the road in a handbag, there was also a wallet in their, full of cash and cards." How could of my mum's handbag got there. It was on the street? Why was it on the street. Mum wouldn't have put it there, she is in hospital! What's going on!

I ring the hospital and ask If I can come in and see mum. They tell me that she is not able to see anyone at the moment. Why? "She is my mother!" I say, now screaming furiously! "Where is my mum! I want to see her!!!" "Beunka, your mum has gone missing..." One of the nurses says. "My mum has what! How could my mum have gone missing in a highly secure Hospital which is meant to be looking after their patients not letting them go missing!!!" I yell at the nurse! I here a call over the loud speaker of the Hospital through the phone. "Alert, Alert, Mrs Nunes has sleep walked out of the building. Free staff come to sector nine to begin the searching process".

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