After spending the rest of the day with Justin, I realized the best thing to do was to go to a gynecologist, and speak to Pattie. I have a mother too I know, even though I never met Pattie she cannot be worse than my mother.

Justin's soft snoring is the cutest thing to listen to. It slowly stopped and his eyes slowly opened.

"Wake up Justin."

He smiled closing his eyes again and holding me closer. " 'Morning beautiful."

"Go on twitter and fix the mess you made yesterday." I said pulling the sheets back to get up.

"After you cuddle with me." And of course hard headed Justin pulled me back in to his arms.

"When are we going to tell your parents?" I asked tracing my fingers over his tattoos. He sighed and took a deep breathe.

"Soon." I giggled and turned around to face him. "heartbreaker soon?"

He laughed and started rubbing circles around my stomach.

"No baby, soon as in tonight at dinner. "

"What do you mean at dinner? Justin-"

"Baby, I know it's overwhelming and I know you probably aren't ready but the sooner the better. My mom needs to know, you need her for whenever I'm in the middle of a concert or when I can't run back to you immediately. What's the worse that can happen?"

"I dont know Justin, how am I supposed to tell her? Just say that I fucked around with you and now I'm having your baby? Justin you're my step brother. At least for now until Jeremy finds out that the baby isn't his. But how bad does it look. They're going to think I'm a tramp. Plus you involved Selena. You fucked it up."

I got up from the bed and left Justin aline in bed. I walked into the bathroom and look scrutinized my image reflecting the mirror. Swollen red eyes, gnarled hair, dark circles. I was honestly becoming a walking, talking, breathing mess. I was enraged at the fact that I walked around like this and nobody said a word. Not even Justin, I'm his image when I walk out, but of course if I complained to him about how ugly I have been looking lately and accuse him of not telling me, all he is going to do is flatter me and tell me I look beautiful in any way shape or form. I know him too well.

" @justinbieber: haha april fools! it's only February but .. lol! ;) @dnawx @selenagomez"

Real mature way of fixing your problems Justin. I rolled my eyes and set my phone down on the counter.

Ever since I've moved in with Justin my phone never rests. It is always vibrating with messages and notifications of some sort. It honestly does get annoying but at least you always know someone is there listening to what you have to say.

Sometimes I wish my mother would have acted like a mother if she did, i would not be the way i am. After all, she did get pregnant from the guy I was seeing after she "forbid" me from Justin. It's like she lives to make my life a living hell, even when she doesn't try. But deep down I'm still dreading hearing what she has to say about me and Justin bringing a child in this world. It wouldn't even be so bad if I just told Jeremy everything. He'd kick her ass out but he could send me packing too. It's crazy because I could've stayed with my brother and prevented his death. Sometimes I feel like all of this shit is my fault, like I started something I couldn't ever finish. I love Justin to death but this whole situation we are in is killing me inside. I don't know what to do.


After a long day of overthinking my whole entire god damn life story, it's almost time for dinner.

"Justin!" I yelled.

He stumbled into my room as if I scared him half to death.

"Yes, baby girl."

"Have you thought of what we're going to say or do you plan on winging it?" I asked although I already knew the answer.

"We had to think of something first?"

"I'm going to kick your ass I swear" I wasn't serious though and I just started laughing hysterically.

"Deena, what the fuck?"

I couldn't even answer him I was clutching my stomach for dear life like I was on my last known breath. This is probably how this dinner is going to go as well.


We were all sitting at the table already and there was an awkward silence in the dining room right now.

"Well, um we have an announcement for you guys!" Jeremy ended the silence. There was an awkward pause I guess to enhance the tension in the room. "We're having another baby!"

I spit out the steak dinner in my mouth. This bitch. She's letting Jeremy believe that child inside of her is his. Yeah, right. Like I'm going to let him have to deal with her bullshit and lies.

"What? " I stared hard at my mother.

"What do you mean, Deena?" She said acting as though she had done nothing wrong.

"You have got be to be fucking kidding me." I can't do this,  I can't let her hurt Jeremy like this I can't just sit back and watch her do this. I looked at my mom waiting to see if she'd decent up and just tell him.

"You are such a prude. You know what fuck this! I'm not going to let you put this on him, Jeremy I don't want to have to be the one to tell you this but you aren't the father of that child!"

Jeremy looked at my mom seeming disgusted and angry.

"And here's this one for you, she "forbid" me from Ethan because she was sleeping with him and that's his kid. Sorry to have to tell you this and if you kick me out fine but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if i let my bitch of a mother do this to you." I got up and walked out not even caring about what I had just started and what I didn't care to do in my little speech.

I could hear Jeremy yelling at my mom from a far and this wasn't how this dinner was supposed to end.


I want to thank Chelsea for helping me with my writers block. you're the best homie

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