Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Jerome's P.O.V.


We get to the mall to get Ash some new clothes because she didn't have that many at her old house, and Mitch and I had a surprise for her to get. We make our way through the mall and then Ash sees a store she wants to go into.

"Mitch can I go in there," she asks.

"Yeah sure here's a 100 spend it how you want," he says and gives her a hundred dollar bill. Ash's mouth just drops.

"Mitch I can't take that. That's a lot of money," she says.

"Ash take it and go in there and buy stuff you want, okay now go," he says shooing her away. She takes the money slowly and walks away turning her head back to look at us almost ever two seconds. Then she disappears into the store.

"Okay Jerome I am going to go get he present wait here and just say I went to get something to drink," Mitch says to me.

"Got it biggumes, shouldn't I tell her she needs to buy a dress for Jason's older brothers wedding. Remember we were all invited," I tell him. (Jason is gonna have a older brother deal with it)

"Oh yeah I totally forgot you are a life saver, yeah make sure she gets one and tell he to get a pair of shoes too. No flat shoes for her, Jason said it is going to be a very formal wedding," Mitch says quickly.

"No problem, now go," I say waving him off. I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket.

"Hey Sky what's up," I ask I tot the phone.

"It's all done and it looks so cool. She is going to love it I know it." He says and I can hear the smile in his voice.

"Okay got it Mitch just left to get her surprise, then I have to take Ash to get a dress for the wedding next week. That's gonna be hard she never would choose to wear one, and Mitch is making her wear high heels. This isn't going to be good, oh here she comes I got to go bye," I say into the phone, them hang up. She runs up with a smile.

"What are you so happy about?" I ask with a smile on my face, her smile is contagious.

"I got some really cute clothes! Then I got... Never mind," she says quickly. She is hiding something. I stand up and start walking with her.

"So what was the never mind for?" I ask.

"Um... Nothing," she says unsure of something.

"Come on you are hiding something it is really obvious, now spill it," I tell her.

"Okay... But don't tell Mitch he will freak out," she asks. I nod my head and wait for her to tell me. "A really cute boy gave me his number and asked me out..." She says still unsure of herself.

"What! Where is this boy?" She looks worried now I know why she doesn't want me to tell Mitch. "Sorry I am overreacting, so off of that topic. We have a wedding to go to next week, so you need a dress," I inform her she frowns.

"Fine I will wear a dress but I am not wearing high heels," she says pouting.

"Oh yes you are. You have to wear high heels and a dress. It is suppose to be a very formal wedding." I tell her.

"No! I am gonna break my ankles wearing those things," she tells me.

"Well you better start practicing," I say and chuckle as I scoop her chin.

"Where did Mitch go?" She questions.

"He went to go get food he is a fatty," I say as we walk into a dress store. "Okay here we go dress first," I grab a handful of dresses and bring them to the dressing room for her. "Come out when you have one on! You have to try all of those on before you leave this store. I am gonna tell Mitch were we are!" I yell into the dressing room. There was a little sitting area out side the dressing rooms for people to wait for the other person to come out. I text Mitch were we are, then right as I finish Ash comes out with a pout on her face. She is wearing what looks like a prom dress. I start laughing so hard, it is a strapless dress with rhinestones all over the top, then the bottom is poofy, and to top it all off, it was pink. She quickly goes into the dressing room to change out of it.

"Jerome are you back here?" Mitch calls.

"Yep over here," I say so Ash doesn't know he is here. He come and sits next to me.

"How many has she tried on so far?" He asks.

"One and oh my..." I say but start laughing I open my phone and shoe him the picture right away we both start laughing.

"Jerome will you come here," I hear Ash call from the dressing room.

"I am coming," I yell to her. "Open the door." I hear the door unlock and I open it up.

"I can't zip it up will you please help me?" She asks quietly. I zip it up and run back out so she can come out so Mitch can see. She walks out and when Mitch sees her his jaw drops, mine does the same. She looks beautiful in the dress. It is another strapless dress there isn't that much bling on it but there is a little. The dress just reaches her knees and I poofs out a little. She looks stunning. Ash stands on the podium, she still doesn't know Mitch is here because she has been trying to fix the dress. She looks up in the mirror and she sees Mitch in the back with tears in his eyes.

"Ash you look beautiful," he stands up to go give her a hug. "Mom would be proud of you." That made her start crying tears of joy. They let go and I realize I have tears in my eyes too. There mom was practically my mom too, my mother died of lung cancer when I was three.

"Now it is time for the shoes!" Mitch yelled.

"No like I said I am probably going to break my ankles walking in them," she says fake pouting.

"Your still a size 10 right?" Mitch asks, she nods. Mitch runs off to find some shoes.

"Jerome do I really have to wear them?" She asks with pleading eyes.

"Yeah I am sorry I will help you practice if you want?" I tell her.

"Thank you Jerome, and can I ask you another favor?" She asks quietly. As she walked to sit next to me.

"Yeah anything, what do you need," I reply.

"Um... I don't know how to dance..." She says quietly.

"I will teach you don't worry you will be amazing by the time we are done," I tell her with a smile.

"Thank you Jerome," she said then Mitch came back with about seven boxes of shoes.

"Okay here we go Ash are you ready?" She nods. He pulls out the first pair of shoes they were plain black, and about six inches tall. Mitch puts the shoes on her feet. She stands up and wobbles, grab her to steady her. She started to walk but stumbled right away, Mitch caught he before she fell.

"Mitch why don't we try something shorter?" I tell him. He nods, them Ash sits back down and takes off the shoes. The next pair were just as tall so we skipped them. After that her pulled out a shorter pair that were black and they had rhinestones that look like they are fading as they got closer to her foot. They completed the dress. Everything that she wore made her blue eyes stand out like the moon in the sky. She stood up this time I stood up with her and held her hands to help her walk.

"Should we get these?" Mitch asked. She nodded then took them off quickly. Then ran to the dressing room to change out of the dress. One of the employees took all of the shoe boxes. Right as the man left Ash came out holding the dress that was in the plastic cover. We go to check out, and left the store.

"Ash I got you something," Mitch says holding out a bag. She takes it and there are a pair of purple razor gaming headphones, her mouth drops. He put the around her neck quickly. Then went to hug Mitch.

"Thank you so much, my life if perfect with you Mitch." She whispers into his ear.

"Ash there is more," I say. She looks down into the bag and pulls out a key. She looks at us with a confused face. Then we lead her back to the car and make our way back to the house. She is questioning us all the way back to the house. We walk up to the front door and everybody is waiting in the entry way smiling at Ash. She looks awkwardly around, then I think she caught on. Ash pulled the key out of her pocket and walked upstairs. Mitch and I followed right behind her, them everybody else follow behind us. All of the doors to our rooms are open but at the end of the hall there is one closed door. She put the key in the lock, then there was a click of unlocking. She followed the stair case up, then stopped at the top.


This is a longer chapter I hope you guys liked it! I had so much fun writing this part. Yay so thanks for all the characters in the last chapter if you have anymore add them in! Thank you guys so much love you all!


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