Chapter 1: The unexpected

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Chapter 1: The unexpected

I had a good night's sleep, I thought to myself as I just woke up. Today's going to be a hectic day. Taylor and I are here in New York to promote the latest movie in the Twilight Saga, "Eclipse." We're in a hotel room right now on the 26th floor, I think. I wish Rob could have came but sadly, he's working on his new film, "Water For Elephants." As a matter of fact, Taylor's beside me sleeping in bed right now. He has his arm wrapped around me, making me feel safer than ever.

I tilted my head up to get a glance at his face. He looks so cute with his eyes closed and a bit of drool coming from his mouth. I hoped that I wouldn't wake him up. I shifted my position a bit but I guess he felt it.

"Oh..morning Kristen, I see that you're awake," Taylor said as he wiped the drool showing a streak of embarrassment across his face.

"Yeah...well morning to you too. I'm gonna take a shower now."

"I'll make you some breakfast then."

I made my way into the bathroom and I stared at myself in the mirror. What's the point of looking pretty today if I'm going to have to go to my stylist later? To promote the movie tonight. I decided to skip all the stuff I'd have to repeat tonight like showering, putting on makeup and fixing up my hair. Some sort of smell suddenly caught my attention. smells so good, must be what Taylor's making for breakfast.

I walked into the little dining room, basically a dining table and a mini kitchen, and I see this beautiful omelet laid out on the table. Yum, cheddar cheese melted perfectly on the omelet, my favourite. This was an ideal dish.

"Wow, I never knew you could cook this well, Taylor," I said as I took a bite into the omelet.

"Well, now you know."

"Aren't you going to eat, Taylor? It's going to be a really long day."

"I'm good, I'm actually not hungry right now."

"Well, suit yourself then," while taking another bite out of it. In not even 5 minutes, it was all gone, even the crumbs. The plate was licked clean and shiny.

I walked over to the window of our room and the view was just so beautiful. You could see the whole city and I bet it would be even more beautiful at night, with all the lights turned on.

Just as I turned around, I heard a loud...BOOM! I dropped to the floor, feeling the ground shake. I had no idea what that even was. I turned back around and saw that a section of the sky was covered with smoke. It looked as if a bomb went off but felt as if an earthquake had hit. I looked over at Taylor, who was also on the floor in shock, to see if he was okay.

"What the hell was that!?" he said.


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