Sacrifice to Save

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"Hurry! Fetch Beth and Georgetta!" the king called. The queen cried out once more in pain as he caught her in her collapse. "Don't worry, I will carry you to bed and it will all be over soon." he told his wife. His words may have been strong and reassuring like a king, but Innara knew her husband well and could see the terror in his eyes. He set her down in the bed right as another contraction hit and she clamped her hand down on his arm as she screamed. Beth rushed through the doors with hot water and fresh towels. "I apologize my king, but I must ask you to leave now. This is no place for a man." She rushed to set up pillows around Innara just as Georgetta came in and hurried him out of the room.

The rest of the day and night was filled with stress, anxiety and excitement. When the king feared he could take no more of waiting and wondering, the door swung open and Georgetta came out holding one of the crying babies. The king rushed over and stared down at the baby in awe. Georgetta showed him how to hold it and handed it over. "It's a boy" she said quietly as she tried to soothe the crying babe. At this moment the king felt like never before. As he looked down at the child in his arms realization finally hit him; he was a father now.

When he walked into the next room, Innara was holding her baby girl. She was so enchanted by the creature in her arms she didn't even notice the two walk in the room. The girl had big green eyes like her father and the lips of her mother. Those piercing eyes looked admiringly up at her mother as she cooed.

"They are so beautiful, just like you." King Mitus said to his wife. "We are parents now. I am a father!" The king laughed with joy and kissed his wife. She smiled but when she looked back at the baby in her arms, her heart was slowly breaking.

When she looked up she said after many moments, "I think we should name him Gabriel." As a reminder of when I was sick and God's strength pulled me through. Mitus smiled and replied "That is a strong and mighty name fit for a future king indeed. What about her though?" he gestured at his daughter as he carefully sat down next to them. The twins were looking and reaching out to each other. "I have been thinking hard about her name, and I have decided Sophie. She will be full of God's wisdom and love, I know it. Oh Mitus, I do not wish to give her away."

"I know dear, but we must to protect her. Benjamin and Eliza are wonderful people and will surely take care of her. We must prepare to go to them at once. The longer we have her, the more danger she is in. It is the sacrifice we must make for her and the sake of the kingdom." Mitus handed her Gabriel and called back in the maids to care for them as he prepared for the trip.

Very early in the morning, when the sky was still dark and all were asleep, they left in a carriage to Benjamin's house. Innara had not slept at all or let go of Sophie since she was born. "I love you, Sophie. I love you!" she cried quietly on the way there. When they arrived, the family was outside waiting excitedly.

"My queen, my king." They bowed. "What can we do for you?"

"All we ask is that you follow the agreement. We are forever thankful to you for choosing to be the keepers to our daughter. This kindness will not be unrewarded and your family will be forever known by the kingdom, for God looks with favor upon you. As you are the keeper of my daughter, this secret must remain unknown until the right time." The king replied.

"When is the right time?"

"You will know." he answered. "Innara, come. We must give Sophie now."

Innara slowly made her way out of the carriage and clung to her baby. Tears were streaming down her face and she could taste them salty on her lips. "Not my baby!" she sobbed. "My baby!" Mitus took Sophie from her arms and gave it to the couple. He too was struggling with not crying, for he loved his child even though he had not known her but for a few hours.

"Sophie!" Innara repeatedly screamed as the couple took her away. Mitus pulled Innara into his arms and hugged her as she screamed and cried. Eventually exhausted, he picked up his wife and they rode back to the palace. In the dark of morning, no one but them knew of the painful tears shed on that dusty road. For the bravest sacrifice is when a parent must let go of their child.

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