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The next week, the king devised a plan that would settle the issues between the kingdoms and also the needs of the people and workers.

"Amoral, How wonderful to see you again!" Mitus greeted the King of Cray.

"Brother, the pleasure is all mine! Oh, how fine you look, surely you are the king of this beautiful land." He greeted as he strongly shook the arm of the king. "It has been too long. How is your beautiful Innara? It has been spoke that she is unwell; if there is anything I can do, do not hesitate to ask!"

"Thank you for your generosity, but Innara has made great progress in her recovery over the past few nights." Mitus walked over to the far wall of his study where he opened a bottle of fine wine and poured some for himself and his guest.

"Lets get to the real reason of why you are here, Amoral; what do you say?" he asked as he handed him the wine.

"As you wish. What business shall we speak of? Are you wishing to trade again, did something of yours become lost to you in my land, or have you finally regarded my wishes upon an official alliance between our kingdoms?" Amoral sat back in the comfort of the chair in the study and leisurely drank the wine.

"Your kingdom is fairing quite well and abundant with work, food and life. My kingdom is reaching a point where only growth in the kingdom can support her demands. If my kingdom were to unite with yours, as you have proposed, it could favor both of us, our land and people greatly. Of course, there will be specifications that must be agreed upon first."

The king paced around the room as he spoke. He had made deals with Amoral before and the outcome was always fair, but he had an off feeling whenever he was around him. Amoral seemed to get whatever he was seeking, it was only a matter of time. He decided to push those thoughts away when he saw the look of surprise of the younger king before him.

The young king leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and chin in his hands. His eyes glimmered like that of a child with a new toy. "This is wonderful news! We must makes plans as soon as possible. You speak of terms, which terms do you imply?"

The king sighed and faced his royal visitor. " We both will remain in control of the land we own now. Travel, treasury, and trade will be equal within our kingdom, and we will share in both power and authority through council. If you or I wish for something we must consult each other, and our queens or council first, to decide if it is best for the kingdom. And my last condition will be that the kingdom remain with the name Paleon. If any of these conditions are broken by either of us or our council, the contract will be broken and void. Do you agree to these terms?"

The man's brow drew together as he calculated all the terms of the contract. "This is a captivating agreement you are offering, but is there no chance of my convincing you to allow the kingdom to be named Cray?"

"No chance at all." he replied back deeply.

Amoral sighed, "Although that is disappointing to me, I agree to all the terms and recognize the potential of our kingdom's alliance." he stood up and raised his glass in cheer.

"Wonderful! We must have a feast and share the good news!" Mitus threw up his glass and drank the wine as he clapped his friend on the back.

"I have a feeling this will be the start of a great friendship, Mitus!" Amoral gushed.

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