Kingdom Trials

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For years the kingdom has lived in peace: growing, learning, doing all it can to survive. This kingdom is named Paleon. There had been many issues upon which the king was eager to settle in his land. His name is Mitus and his queen Innara; both consumed their days with trying to settle an alliance with the Kingdom of Cray, the growing disturbances with the villagers about the vision, and the lack of necessities to supply the villages, farmers, and blacksmith with work.

Day after day, the king and queen would look for new ways to try to care for their people. Each day the conditions would grow worse. Tensions were rising high, and the kingdom was at risk of rebellion; until one day when the queen awoke sickly with fever and morning sickness. Innara was loved by all and many came to see her and bring her gifts. Villagers gossiped about what could be the cause of the illness and what would happen to their beloved king if she died. Innara, the most beautiful woman in all the land, and youngest queen of Paleon at the age of 17, was pregnant. The doctors came and went over the next few months trying to care for the sick queen.

"Why has God chose you, of all people, to become so ill from the beauty of childbirth? Do not leave me my dearest Innara, I cannot lead this kingdom alone!", Mitus mourned by his wife's bed clutching her fragile, cold hand. "My love, do not fret, I will be fine by the sunrise, just you wait. I can tell the God of our world has found favor with me and my strength is returning.", she replied weakly. "Now go rest and so shall I; come for me in the morning."

So Mitus left and paced in his study. He tried reading, writing, working, but nothing could take his mind off his sweet Innara. When morning came he rushed to her room. The doctor was examining the queen as he did every morning. He came to the king and concluded, "I have studied all my years and never seen a thing such as this. Your wife will be fine, it seems that she is recovering twice as fast as she should and her vitals are stronger than what is normally possible."

"Yes! My wife, you were right! Our God has blessed us!" Mitus bellowed and enveloped his wife in his arms.

"But," the doctor continued, "there is more. It is both a blessing and a curse. Your wife, the queen, is to bare twins, my lord." He bowed to show his grievances and understanding. "I have double and triple checked. I am certain of this as fact, and I can assure you it will stay strictly confidential between each of us, Sir. I will not speak of it again if you wish it so." During the time of the doctor's explanation Innara and Mitus remained frozen, taking in what he was saying. Twins in this kingdom had been killed and abandoned due to the tales of the vision for a century. They had been working all their years to try to keep the paranoia from spreading and to end this irrational behavior, but the people were steadfast in their ways. They would not stop until one or both of their children were dead. "Oh Mitus!" Innara wept.

The doctor left and they stayed in that room all day weeping, talking and planning. The twins must be saved.

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