Episode 15: The Final Smackdown

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Chris: You have waited for it your entire life. Well, maybe not that long, but this, THIS MY FRIENDS is the; TOTAL DRAMA RELOADED SEASON FINALE! Will, the villainous sociopath with a fetish for tampering votes. Tyler, the dumb jock boy everyone loves. And Sierra, the hopeless and kind weirdo who's obsessed with social media. This is your final three. Two will be crushed under the pressure of the final challenge. One will emerge victorious. Who will that be? Who is the mysterious Note Giver? At last, everything will be answered in the season finale of TOTAL DRAMA RELOADED!

The final three exit the cabins and warm up for the final challenge.

Tyler: Good luck, Sierra. I'm rooting for you to win, if I don't win myself. I doubt that'll happen though.

Sierra: Keep dreaming jockstrap! I'm in it to win it and once I get that million dollars Cody and I will have a beautiful little cottage on the beach with room service and free HBO!

Will: Your Game of Thrones marathon is going to have to wait, Socio-Sierra!

Tyler: Whoa whoa whoa! It's all just a fun competition here, there is no need to name call.

Sierra: It's ok, Tyler. Let me handle this.

Will: Ok, Mrs. Housewife, what do you wanna say? I'm a jerk face? A lying no good scum who should be thrown in the garbage can? I've heard it all before.

Sierra: (punches him in the face) I'll say what I have to say when the time is right.

Tyler: Is he ok? He's twitching really fast and his eyeball is all bruised.

Sierra: He's enjoying the free time Tyler, because when I'm through with him, he'll be unable to sleep for the REST OF HIS VOTE TAMPERING LIFE!

Tyler:(conf) Wow, I'm in the final three! I was hoping to make it with Collin or Lindsay, but Sierra seems like a tough ally!

Sierra:(conf) Will is going down today! SIERRA STYLE!

Will:(conf) She can pack a punch, but is she ready for what's coming to her today? I don't think so.

Chris: Final three, welcome to the finals. You have been the toughest fighters this season and one of you will prove yourself and win it all! Are you ready for the first of three challenges I have in store for you? Can you handle the intensity?

Everyone: Get on with it!

Chris: Huh. You guys ruin the drama! There are three keys hidden around the island. Each unlocks a certain boat at the dock. The super sleek speedboat, the steam boat, or the electronic raft with a high of 5mph! You will race your boats to Loser Island where the peanut gallery of eliminated contestants are placed in color coded bleachers, rooting for who they want to win. There is also my fancy shmancy Wheel of Shockers with a list of things that could turn it around. I will spin it at the end of each challenge! First two to reach the island of loserdom are Total Drama's final two for the season!

Tyler: Wow, that's more complicated than soccer. And that stuff is like a labyrinth, man!

Will: Labyrinth of testosterone and stupidity.

Tyler: (rolls his eyes) I know I'm a jock, but I'm not all manly and dumb! I'm C-ing all my classes!

Sierra: Tyler, what do you think C stands for?

Tyler: Correct?

Sierra: Oh gosh, this is gonna be a long challenge.

Chris: Stop chit chatting and get to challenging!

They head off to find their keys. Tyler heads to the Icy River, Sierra heads to the warehouse, and Will goes to the forest with the treehouses. Sierra creaks open the door. She lifts up boxes and crates and opens up different things. She glances down at multiple discs in a case and a small tv hooked up to an outlet.

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